Learn from my mistakes Getting to know your business

Written by Jennifer Whaling

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Then get to know who you are working with they are your best teacher after all they introduced you to this opportunity. Ask them why they joined. What did they do to become successful? What mistakes did they make when they started out? What can they recommend you do?

These things will help you get to know whorepparttar company is that you enrolled with. Then you should get to knowrepparttar 117465 products or services they offer. Pick one to three products or services to memorize each day. What isrepparttar 117466 name? What is beneficial about this product? What isrepparttar 117467 price? How reliable is it?

It is my personal opinion that you really need to know your company and its products or services in order to be really successful. Your growth will naturally come after you are knowledgeable and comfortable withrepparttar 117468 company and it products or services.

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Following The Inspired Idiot's Path To Marketing Glory!

Written by Joe Bingham

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Why? Because I was inspired!

And for no other reason whatsoever at all!


That fateful day arrived when suddenly it hit me.


"Here's your stinkin' milk. And you can thankrepparttar state forrepparttar 117464 food stamps, too."

Hmmm. Could something be wrong here? Could something not quite be going according to plan?

Wait, wait, I think I've got it.


But.. But.. I'm inspired! What more is there to do?!

"Ah-ha," I said.

I've gotrepparttar 117465 inspiration, true, but why am I following around all these other inspired idiots instead ofrepparttar 117466 real marketers that are actually making money!

I had bought intorepparttar 117467 excitement instead ofrepparttar 117468 truth. I soughtrepparttar 117469 rewards before I createdrepparttar 117470 system. I had joinedrepparttar 117471 countless masses instead of looking torepparttar 117472 counting -- money that is -- few that had inspired them!

Duh, duh, duh, duh, duh....

"Why are you smacking yourself onrepparttar 117473 head?" I was suddenly asked.

"Go back to sleep, dear. It's just an Internet thing."

Well, ok, that was a bit of an exaggeration, but there is a point to all of this. There are many, and I do mean many, who want to earn a living selling information on how to market online.

That's great, but don't you think we should get our information, and inspiration, from those that actually HAVE sold things online?

I really wasn't all that stupid when I first got online, it's just that there is SO much out there to be confused about. That is, IF you let yourself.

Whilerepparttar 117474 Internet is mind boggling because ofrepparttar 117475 numbers it can produce, common sense still abounds. Maybe not in it's inspired idiots, but definitely in it's actual workings.

Things happen faster, but many ofrepparttar 117476 basic rules are stillrepparttar 117477 same.

*People only pay for what they perceive to be beneficial. *Only those sellingrepparttar 117478 beneficial products will makerepparttar 117479 money. *Trust and confidence still play an important role in buyer's minds. *If no one knows who you are, where you are, or what you selling, you won't have any customers!

Duh, duh, duh, duh, duh....

Take it from a recovering inspired idiot. Please, be careful who you learn from.

A great one to learn from is Marlon Sanders. He REALLY has "Sold 1000s of Products From Home Using the Net." Learn how at: http://www.netplaynewsletters.com/sell1000s.html

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