Learn How To Succeed At Career Fairs

Written by Nathan Newberger

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- Be mentally prepared with a list of question to keeprepparttar conversation flowing. Ask aboutrepparttar 136712 company,repparttar 136713 industry, what job opportunities exist, etc. Always try to relate your skills and experience torepparttar 136714 company or jobs that may be open atrepparttar 136715 company.

- Visit companies outside your industry. You will be surprised at how many companies hire in all types of professions (ie. hospitals, banks, etc.)

- Visit your lower priority companies first. This way you can practice and fine tune your approach. When you are ready, then proceed torepparttar 136716 top priority employers on your list.

- Network! Talk to both employers and other job candidates. If you are standing in line, donít be shy talk torepparttar 136717 people in line. More jobs are filled by networking than any other means.

- Conduct yourself with a professional manner at all times. Employers are watching at all times. So when you are walking around or waiting in line, always maintain professionalism.

- Be aware of time. Donít stand and monopolize an employerís time. Its not good for them or for you. Ask specific questions, get to repparttar 136718 point and most importantly getrepparttar 136719 contact information for later follow-up.

D) CAREER FAIR FOLLOW-UP ========================== Its important to keep yourself fresh inrepparttar 136720 mind ofrepparttar 136721 employers. To do this, you must send follow-up or thank you letters within two days. Always refer torepparttar 136722 date and location ofrepparttar 136723 job fair. Try and highlight any part ofrepparttar 136724 conversation that stood out to make it easy for them to remember you. Always include a copy of your resume. You might also want to follow-up with a phone call.

Also its important to re-group after a career fair and evaluate your experience. Try and understand what you did right and what can be improved upon, as this will help you be more productive atrepparttar 136725 next fair.

Most importantly, just have a very positive attitude. Always have a smile and thank each person you speak to for his/her time. You have something to sell and employers are there to shop around, and vice versa.

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Hollander Consultants Hires Successful Business Owner as New Consultant

Written by Matthew Bratschi

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Ms. Bockus owns a successful private preschool, an infant toddler home and a drug detoxification center. She usesrepparttar administrative systems developed by L. Ron Hubbard in her businesses. Bockus said, ďIíve expanded my businesses torepparttar 136711 point where Iím not really needed to run them on a day-to-day basis. I wanted to join a group that would be great to work with that is doing something I have a passion for. Hollander Consultants is that group.Ē

Hollander Consultants is one ofrepparttar 136712 leading national consulting firms inrepparttar 136713 United States and Canada forrepparttar 136714 combined dentistry, optometry and veterinary professions, and usesrepparttar 136715 administrative systems developed by business management pioneer, L. Ron Hubbard.

Hollander Consultants was recently named one ofrepparttar 136716 top 50 companies to work for in Oregon by Oregon Business magazine,repparttar 136717 leading publication for Oregon businesses.

Hollander Consultants can be found online at www.hollanderconsultants.com. Hollander Consultants also maintains an online quarterly magazine, Solutions, which is located at www.solutionsmags.com.


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