Learn HTML tables - no effort required!

Written by David A. Saharkhiz

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People have been doing amazing things with tables since 1995. Joinrepparttar party - it's not too late!

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HTML Basics

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What is SQL?

Written by John L

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pass instructions to databases. SQL commands can be keyed into a database client likerepparttar MySQL Query Browser orrepparttar 105563 SQL

Server Enterprise Manager and executed to either return a result or modify records inrepparttar 105564 database. SQL can also be used in

conjunction with programming language or scripting language like Microsoft Visual Basic or PHP to communicate withrepparttar 105565


Although SQL is a world standard, it is unfortunate that most database vendors have come up with different dialects and

variations. This is because every database vendor wants to differentiate their database products fromrepparttar 105566 crowd. One good

example is Microsoft SQL Server's TRANSACT-SQL. TRANSACT-SQL is a superset of SQL and is designed for use only with Microsoft

SQL Server. Although it does make programming much easier for software developers, it is not compliant with other databases

like Oracle or MySQL - making TRANSACT-SQL programs non database-portable. As such, although many of these features are

powerful and robust, it is good practice to exercise caution and limit your SQL use to be compliant withrepparttar 105567 ANSI/ISO SQL

standards and ODBC-Compliant.

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