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Written by Daniel Sitter

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E-books, for instance, are proliferating at an astounding rate. Everything from fiction to technical manuals is available in this exciting format. Most persons are generally in a hurry, busy with a variety of family and work related tasks, with little time available for reading lengthy, conventional, “fat” books. E-books provide a practical alternative offeringrepparttar tremendous benefits of value, time savings and convenience.

Audio books are another great source of information allowing us to multi-task. While busy with another activity, we haverepparttar 144693 ability to listen torepparttar 144694 latest advancements in our field, personal development or even learn a new language. There are a variety of available formats:repparttar 144695 dinosaur cassette, CD’s and nowrepparttar 144696 MP3 player. I have been listening to audio books for years as I drive, taking advantage of “drive-time university” to further my knowledge and gain information instead of feeding my brain useless material fromrepparttar 144697 radio. Part of my daily workout is a lengthy, brisk walk each evening, where you will find me with my CD player “velcro’d” to my sweatshirt feeding me nutritious “brain food” from a variety of authors and speakers. You can do it too.

Continuous learning is a necessity, becoming more important than ever before. The need to learn faster is rapidly becoming mandatory, as change accelerates around us. Each of us must adopt an attitude of learning for profit, whereby your accelerated learning abilities enable you to profit in each and every circumstance. Consider subscribing torepparttar 144698 theory of life-long learning, where your education doesn’t end in high school or even after 2-4 years at college, but continues for life. After all,repparttar 144699 entire world and our personal place in it are quite dynamic.

Thanks to technology, each of us hasrepparttar 144700 opportunity to affect an ever expanding segment ofrepparttar 144701 population as well as to be exposed to new ideas and technical advancements from acrossrepparttar 144702 globe, all inrepparttar 144703 blink of an eye. You can count onrepparttar 144704 fact that this rate of change will continue to escalate and your opportunities will increase. Your ability to take appropriate advantage of these monumentous occurrences however, is a function of your ongoing self-education. Quick response to new information is critical. Learning faster is essential.

Available information is now doubling every few years and is increasing daily. Our world will continue to grow smaller. Opportunities abound. If you don’t have a plan for continuous self-education and learning at an accelerated rate, you will be left behind.

Daniel Sitter is the author of the breakthrough e-book, Learning For Profit, the revolutionary how-to book providing simple, step-by-step instructions to teach people exactly how to learn new skills faster than ever before. http://www.learningforprofit.com


Written by Katherine Scherer and Eileen Bodoh

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Sniffing a bouquet of pretty, pink peonies, And sitting after twilight watching fireflies glow. I AM SO GRATEFUL forrepparttar "good stuff" life is made up of. Receiving an unexpected pay raise at work, Running into an old acquaintance by chance, Throwing a Frisbee for my dog onrepparttar 144584 run, And sending flowers to a friend for no reason. I AM SO GRATEFUL for gentle sounds. The rippling gurgle of a flowing brook, A miniature chime tinkling inrepparttar 144585 wind, A tranquilizing purr from a contented cat, And baby's first word tickling me pink. I AM SO GRATEFUL for contemplating stillness. Whenrepparttar 144586 birds become still And a dog's barking stops And a downpour ends And a baby's crying ceases.

Katherine Scherer and Eileen Bodoh, authors of "Gratitude Works: Open Your Heart to Love." www.gratitudeworks.com

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