Leap... And The Net Will Appear

Written by Sibyl McLendon

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Having faith means that you are able to take a chance on something. Taking chances, even small ones, leads to opportunity. Even if you take a chance on something and it fails, you have learned something throughrepparttar experience. I know one thing for sure, if you stay in your house, waiting for something to happen in your life, you will die in your house, waiting for something to happen. You do not have to take a leap of faith, just take one step in faith, inrepparttar 123996 words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “Takerepparttar 123997 first step in faith. You don't have to seerepparttar 123998 whole staircase, just takerepparttar 123999 first step.” I am reminded here of a scene from a movie. Towardsrepparttar 124000 end ofrepparttar 124001 third Indiana Jones movie (Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom), Indiana must cross an abyss to reachrepparttar 124002 Holy Grail. There appears to be no bridge, no way across, only a long fall to certain death. He takesrepparttar 124003 step anyway, and a bridge just appears out of nowhere. He tookrepparttar 124004 step in faith that he would not fall. That is exactly what I am talking about here. We all haverepparttar 124005 ability to look inside of ourselves and find our faith in something or someone. Find it, and take that chance,repparttar 124006 reward will outweighrepparttar 124007 cost.

Sibyl McLendon is 1/2 Navajo. She is the owner of Spirit Web Design http://www.spirit-webdesign.net. She has been designing sites for 3 years. Visit Spirit Web Design for useful information on website marketing.

Secret Plan to Achieve Your Desires

Written by Lisa van den Berg

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In order to get what you Desire you need to develop a strong sense of self-discipline. You need to see and feel and believe that what you want will come true. I set an alarm clock by my desk to remind me to repeat my Statement of Desire, every 2 hours throughoutrepparttar day. I have a picture of it burned onto my brain so that I have created a Burning Desire. It gets torepparttar 123995 point where you no longer have to drive it, because it drives you.

In all my years of searching forrepparttar 123996 answers to all my questions and looking forrepparttar 123997 formula that would help me to help myself, this isrepparttar 123998 one that consistently works for me. You will find thatrepparttar 123999 mechanics for realizing your Desire will come to you when you are willing to do what it takes to make it a Burning Desire.

If your Desire is to give your childrenrepparttar 124000 best education you can, you will find that perhaps you learn that a prestigious college is offering scholarships for which you can apply or that an excellent teacher will be holding a summer school onrepparttar 124001 ways to enrich your child, that is not offered at school. Perhaps you will get a windfall of money to help you send your child to a college that specializes in their field (drama, art etc) or have access to a previously unavailable source of learning materials that your child will love. Maybe a course will come along that will teach your child how to study more effectively and retain more. The possibilities are endless and they will come with Absolute Faith.

Create your Statement of Desire today!

Namasté Lisa van den Berg

Lisa van den Berg is the author of Alleviate-Stress - How to WIN at the Game of Life! She also publishes a weekly e-zine 'Empower Your Life!' that's filled with tips and techniques that will help you live the Life you deserve. Subscribe now at http://www.thealternativerookie.com !

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