Lean Manufacturing Through Factory Floor Innovation

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So why not think creatively fromrepparttar get-go and put a factory floor information system in place that can help you and your company move forward with Lean concepts of identifying problems,repparttar 149856 flow of parts, and measure change over times? Just because Toyota did not use electronic information systems, does not make it wrong to install them onrepparttar 149857 floor. Torepparttar 149858 contrary, it isrepparttar 149859 American Manufacturer that hasrepparttar 149860 opportunity to improve on these Lean concepts with information systems that can be married into a Lean process improvement program. 1. Make surerepparttar 149861 entire factory floor is involved withrepparttar 149862 system and that they are empowered to identify problem/alert situations.

2. Allowrepparttar 149863 system to provide a JIT production approach, which is dynamic and can be reactive to customer and floor demands.

3. Find a way to record changeover times tracked to specific assets and people.

4. Identifyrepparttar 149864 opportunities for process improvement and keep a record of it.

5. Allowrepparttar 149865 floor personnel access to better communications like email where appropriate.

6. Improverepparttar 149866 operator’s access to data by providing electronic “paperless” display of current, as well as, newer style electronic image and video documents.

7. Makerepparttar 149867 quality checks part ofrepparttar 149868 process and capture it electronically so alert conditions of non-conformance conditions can be captured in real-time.

Implementation of Lean Manufacturing through a factory floor system can save time and money and put you inrepparttar 149869 driver seat towards more profitable production.

Think creatively. Use information tools creatively. Userepparttar 149870 information tools that are designed to improverepparttar 149871 process.

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About MDSS: Since 1984, MDSS has been a leader in the development, implementation, and support of software products for manufacturing companies. MDSS sells products that help manufacturers better manage inventory, shrink cycle time, and increase productivity. The current focus of MDSS is on FACTIVITY, a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) with modules for time and attendance, shop floor management, machine monitoring, and more.

Understanding XML Server

Written by Balaji B

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FDX XML Server is another XML Server available inrepparttar market. This product is created by Snapbridge. This server is also used to create and deploy sophisticated XML applications. XSL, XSLT and scripts are supported in this server so that data can be transformed to any format requested byrepparttar 149796 user or any other application.

Sonic XML Server is another product from Sonic software which is built uponrepparttar 149797 native XML processing engine. This helps in pipelined processing of XML documents which eliminatesrepparttar 149798 need for generating intermediate xml text file for processing. This improvesrepparttar 149799 speed ofrepparttar 149800 transaction dramatically.

This pipelined processing ofrepparttar 149801 document helps in very large and complex processing tasks to improverepparttar 149802 speed of those tasks. The in-built engine inrepparttar 149803 Sonic XML Server enables a user to store any size of XML document in it and to query, retrieve and update that data.

We have seen that an XML Server is any server that gives an XML document as an output so thatrepparttar 149804 other applications can use it for processing. The document can be delivered in any format using XSL and XSLT engines. It is possible for us to write some code in ASP which will serve an XML document torepparttar 149805 user when they view that ASP page. We can store this code in a web server and this code can be said to be a very simple XML Server since it servesrepparttar 149806 user with an XML document. Go throughrepparttar 149807 code given below:

<% response.ContentType="text/xml" response.Write("") response.Write("") response.Write("Developing an XML Server") response.Write("Its You") response.Write("The book outlinesrepparttar 149808 steps involved in developing an XML Web Server") response.Write("") %>

Saverepparttar 149809 above code in your web server as book.asp and store it inrepparttar 149810 same directory where you stored your other web pages. Then view that page inrepparttar 149811 browser to see an XML document in display. Inrepparttar 149812 above code you may note thatrepparttar 149813 content type forrepparttar 149814 page is set to “text/xml”. This is whyrepparttar 149815 output is displayed as XML file. You may develop a little more complex program to retrieve data from a database and generate an XML document fromrepparttar 149816 data retrieved fromrepparttar 149817 database. Thus you can start developing your own XML web server.

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