Leading from the Inside Out: The Power of Deep Blue Leadership

Written by James K. Hazy, Ed.D., Founder & CEO, Leadership Science LLC

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You can't systematize innovation, Jobs says, "you hire good people who will challenge each other every day to makerepparttar best products possible.... When I got back, Apple had forgotten who we were.... Fortunately, we woke up"2.

These stories demonstraterepparttar 119514 power of deep blue leadership. When leadership operates on people's deeply held sense of identity and purpose, motivation comes fromrepparttar 119515 inside out.

The Story Part 2: Resolution When Lynn arrived in his office, he immediately asked some tough questions. "How often are teams getting together to talk about opportunities to realize our vision? Are we passionate about process improvements? How about new ways of thinking? Do we critically review project plans and budgets? Do we talk seriously about personal and career development? Do people share a common vision? What is it? How doesrepparttar 119516 situation compare with six months ago? How engaged are our people? These were difficult questions, but ones that could be answered. The process took several weeks, but oncerepparttar 119517 data was gathered and preliminary analysis was completed,repparttar 119518 trend was clear—leadership activity aimed at identity and purpose, deep blue leadershipSM activity, had fallen off inrepparttar 119519 organization.

When he had these answers, Lynn called his leadership team together to sharerepparttar 119520 findings and express his concerns. "We seem to have lost our edge," he said. "I don't feelrepparttar 119521 energy that I did six months ago, and data that shows our lower activity levels support my concerns. Our leadership velocitySM inrepparttar 119522 areas supporting our collective sense of deep significance, identity and vision has dropped off. To berepparttar 119523 strong company we need to be, we have to do better. How can we bring backrepparttar 119524 excitement?"

The team had a difficult time at first, uncomfortable withrepparttar 119525 meta-perspective Lynn brought torepparttar 119526 discussion. "Isn't it manipulative to target activities that influence deeply held believes about identity and purpose?" one manager asked. What began as a one-hour discussion, continued in a follow-up two-day session,repparttar 119527 second day of which included a much broader array of leaders. It became clear fromrepparttar 119528 interaction that even amongrepparttar 119529 leadership, cracks had formed inrepparttar 119530 common sense of purpose. Renewal was needed. As Lynn knew, it had already begun.

Inrepparttar 119531 course ofrepparttar 119532 discussion, it was agreed that monthly half-day sessions among members ofrepparttar 119533 leadership team were needed to evolve and communicaterepparttar 119534 collective identity. The process cascaded intorepparttar 119535 organization until a consistent, invigorating vision became evident to all members ofrepparttar 119536 organization. The quarterly cultural survey in use was modified to include targeted questions about personal versus collective vision, purpose and identity, to provide on-going feedback. The vision was NOT developed by a small group, and communicated downward, but left to emerge inrepparttar 119537 context of guiding principles.

After six months,repparttar 119538 vision meetings were integrated intorepparttar 119539 organizations planning process again. Excitement was evident and morale was high. To close outrepparttar 119540 cycle of leadership, Lynn asked his teams to propose waysrepparttar 119541 interventions could be proactive, with continuous feedback and action. He realized that leadership is hard work, and nothing works forever. Atrepparttar 119542 same time, he didn't want to wait until something seemed wrong again.

Recently, Lynn told a reporter from a national newspaper: "Sometimes I feel like we're all sailing onrepparttar 119543 open sea. At once, what we do is both exciting and mysterious. But I must say, leading fromrepparttar 119544 deep blue is one ofrepparttar 119545 most satisfying parts of my job." When his teammates read his words, they smiled. They knew exactly what he meant. They had been onrepparttar 119546 journey with him. ___________________________________

1Nadler, D.A. A Success Story: The Case of Lucent Technologies. (1999) In Conger, J. A., Spreitzer, G. M., Lawler, E. E. (eds.) Leaders Change Handbook. Jossey Bass: San Francisco, 3-26.

2 Mandel, Michael. This way torepparttar 119547 Future. (2004) Business Week. October 11, p. 96.

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Managing a CAD Outsourcing Project

Written by Lakshman Balaraman

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* If voice communication is required, try Skype (free).

* Both you andrepparttar provider should have access to a scanner for digitizing sketches.

* You must also have each other's postal address and telephone numbers.

(5) Have a procedure in place for conflict resolution.

(6) As far as possible, do not let go of existing staff because you are outsourcing.

Identify unfulfilled skill needs in your organization when you first think of outsourcing. Explain torepparttar 119513 relevant staff that you plan to outsource and that you will train them in those skills. If nevertheless some want to leave, they are responsible for their departure and not you.

(7) Be ready with support services and materials for your providers.

* For instance, you might have to sendrepparttar 119514 provider files that are in a format for which they do not haverepparttar 119515 opening application. You should haverepparttar 119516 software and staff to convertrepparttar 119517 document into a format compatible withrepparttar 119518 provider's application.

* Atrepparttar 119519 beginning ofrepparttar 119520 exercise,repparttar 119521 provider will typically have many technical questions. The task force should include staff whose time is specifically reserved for providingrepparttar 119522 answers.

* Be readily available to help as much as you can. This builds confidence inrepparttar 119523 provider's mind as well as a relationship between you andrepparttar 119524 provider.

(8) Develop a partner relationship withrepparttar 119525 provider.

* You should be partners in achievingrepparttar 119526 overall goal... this could be cost reduction, process improvement, more time for your core business, expertise, flexibility and so on.

* Discuss this goal withrepparttar 119527 provider, ask for their views and treat them like a department of your company.

* More research facts: Inrepparttar 119528 first year,repparttar 119529 important issues arerepparttar 119530 contract, performance measurements and relationships (in that order); byrepparttar 119531 third year, it's performance measurements, relationships,repparttar 119532 contract.

(9) Budget forrepparttar 119533 outsourcing exercise.

Use this valuable observation to help you plan:


" ... end users engaged in outsourcing indicate that, on average, users spend from 5 to 12 percent ofrepparttar 119534 total contract value on managingrepparttar 119535 relationship"

--- The Yankee Group (in a recent study)



* What we've just described representsrepparttar 119536 latest thinking on managing a CAD outsourcing project.

* The ideas are state-of-the-art and custom-made for today's world.

* We hope you use them and that thereby your business experiences a significant increase in efficiency, earnings and competitiveness.



Lakshman Balaraman, MSEE (University of Michigan), is Executive Director of The Magnum Group, http://themagnumgroup.net, an engineering and architectural design services company located at Chennai, India.


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