Leadership and The Dirty Work

Written by Kevin Eikenberry

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This is an extremely important lesson for us as leaders. Being willing to dorepparttar grunt work,repparttar 146903 dirty work (call it whatever you want - onrepparttar 146904 farm there was some VERY dirty work) builds commitment and shows that all ofrepparttar 146905 work inrepparttar 146906 organization is important.

As a leader, please don't push this off saying you want to delegate and make people responsible for their own work. Delegation and ownership is important to be sure. If you always delegaterepparttar 146907 unpleasant stuff, but always want to help withrepparttar 146908 more glamorous tasks, your comments of delegation will fall on deaf ears.

Help. Show up for clean up. Be a part ofrepparttar 146909 team. These actions will make you a better leader.

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Research Before You Build Your Cleaning Business

Written by Gail Metcalf

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Keep in mind, no two cleaning companies are alike. While you're doing your research, write down your impressions of each; keep good detailed notes.

When you have completed this, do a review and write down your comments on each business; what thoughts come to mind? Do you like their setup; do you get a good feeling about them; what is that feeling about? What wererepparttar negatives about them? What could any of them do better?

The next step is to identifyrepparttar 146902 interests you discovered from your research and what you could offer that would make your business unique.

By doing your research and identifying your niche, you'll be on your way to a successful business that will stand out from your competition.

Gail Metcalf built her cleaning business from the ground up and now shares her tips, tricks and trade secrets. Permission is granted to reproduce this article but credit must be given to the author, no part of the article content can be modified, and a link must be provided to: http://HouseCleaningPro.com

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