Leadership Training and Character

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Most leaders would never plunder their company, rip off investors, cookrepparttar books, or ride onrepparttar 146548 safety of others by taking short cuts. But leaders can violate character principles in smaller ways like:

  • making a commitment and not seeing it through
  • not honestly saying what you really think
  • shying away from “bad news” that need to be shared with employees
  • not telling your boss or peersrepparttar 146549 whole story
  • not accepting accountability
  • not giving employees full credit for a success or idea
  • Playing games and manipulating rather than straight up negotiating

Leadership Training that focuses on character, values, and principles help bring balance torepparttar 146550 practice of leadership. It helps leaders build lasting and productive relationships that unleash employee motivation and help leaders who want to bust downrepparttar 146551 status quo and build an innovative culture.

CMOE's leadership training programs are always tailored to fit each client’s needs and priorities. The qualities of leadership training can be delivered in a brief overview workshop, 4 hours, or in a deeper more impactful 8 – 16 hours.

Online College Degrees

Written by Catherine Olivia

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As with traditional college courses, these online courses involve a lot of studying. It is important to make a schedule for your study time and to follow it. Most people suggest at least nine hours of study per week of each class you are taking. You won't want to fall behind in your class. A student must be very organized and dedicated to their studies to be able to successfully learn online.

The University of Phoenix is a large and respected online university offering a variety of advanced online degrees such as Associate's, Bachelor's Master's and Doctural. Some ofrepparttar degrees they offer are Business & MBA, Criminal Justice, Education & Teaching, Healthcare & Nursing and Human Services. You can read more aboutrepparttar 146389 University of Phoenix online degree programs by visiting http://www.schoolguideusa.com/university-of-phoenix-online.html

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