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When you think about it working in a business with others is little different from a sole trader trying to achieve objectives.

In a businessrepparttar leader will be thinking strategically while encouraging and guiding others to meet corporate objectives. The sole trader will be split, working onrepparttar 151201 immediate needs ofrepparttar 151202 business with an eye onrepparttar 151203 horizon.

Whatever our particular situation corporate or individual our success will be based on our ability to always be aware of strategic goals and making sure we get there inrepparttar 151204 end no matter what it takes.

So who do we most rely on? Answer that question and you will know whether you are a leader or a manager.

If you are a leader you will thrive inrepparttar 151205 entrepreneurial world. If you are manager you are probably best suited to some form of employment. Only by knowing for yourself honestly will you getrepparttar 151206 right fit.

Tow Obstacles arerepparttar 151207 things a person sees when he takes his eye offrepparttar 151208 goal.

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Price Formation

Written by konstantin otto c. botschkowski

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employees and shareholders ******************************************************** To analyzerepparttar cost andrepparttar 151122 operational profit, in viable period, we needs to appeal to a fast software, for instance that described in: http://oz.pro.br/w/ . For analysis ofrepparttar 151123 not operational profit we needs to appeal torepparttar 151124 specific software of marketing. This software creates a mathematical model, starting fromrepparttar 151125 statistics ofrepparttar 151126 four variables: w - price; x - sale volume; y - publicity; z - quality And it creates a lineal model: Aw+Bx+Cy+Dz=0, fromrepparttar 151127 sampling of four up to ten competitors, ofrepparttar 151128 same market. For instance: manufacturers of soft drinks, of refrigerators, of televisions, ... Each calculation is made with four competitors, to obtain four coefficients [A, B, C, D]. Inrepparttar 151129 case of 'n' [more than four] competitors, forming 'm' goops of four, it obtain 'm' games of coefficients and a game of an average of these. This lineal model is exact only for small variations. Larger accuracy obtainsrepparttar 151130 no lineal model: Aw+Bx+CA y^2+CBy+Dz=0. The models are less exact as larger variation. But better a model less exact than any model. With this modelrepparttar 151131 software definesrepparttar 151132 variables: profit on sale amount, profit on employed capital, employed capital and it optimizes profit on employed capital. ********************************************************** The taxes are analyzed to determinerepparttar 151133 integral participation of aggregate amount inrepparttar 151134 state economy. Coffee-Break http://oz.pro.br/wc/ Download http://oz.pro.br/coffee/coffee.zip/ Konstantin Otto, June, 2005 oz@oz.pro.br

professor of mathematics philosofy

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