Lead Them On - Getting the Spiders to Notice Your Site

Written by John Calder

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Whatever method you use to getrepparttar spiders to visit, you'll need to provide them with a good site map. Whether created manually or with software, a site map is a listing of and a link to allrepparttar 127824 pages on your site. If you have more than about 100 pages, consider having a multi-page site map, and make sure each site map page links to every other site map page. Put a link to your site map on your home page atrepparttar 127825 very least, and preferably on every page. Try to make your site map pages as simple and clutter-free as possible.

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The Power Of The "Niche" - Choosing Keywords People Actually Use

Written by Jill St Claire, President - JSC Marketing, LLC

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Rule #6 Don't forget Geographics. If your products and services are local or regional, be sure to include your state or city within your search phrases. For example, an investigations company that conducts most of its business inrepparttar Midwest would want to choose "Indiana and private investigator."

Rule #7 Take a look at your competition. Based on your top three competitors, look at their website for specific search terms being used. Also, look at their META keywords to get a good idea of what search terms they think are important. Remember you want to look at competitors for your different markets served and products and service lines.

Rule #8 Analyze your website traffic. Make sure your web hosting company provides you withrepparttar 127823 ability to analyze your website log files. Some hosting companies have you log into your account to view monthly web traffic reports, while others email monthly reports. Information obtained can tell yourepparttar 127824 top search terms and search engines used to find your website and other valuable information. To getrepparttar 127825 most out of your log file data, it is recommended to use a log file analyzer such as Web Trends or Urchin.

By applying these simple rules, you will be well on your way to generating highly-targeted keywords and phrases that attractrepparttar 127826 right prospects - prospects who have direct interest in what you have to offer.

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