Lawn Edging

Written by Linda Paquette

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Of course, you can always putrepparttar action into lawn edging by trimming your lawn with an edging tool. Lawn edgers are sold in various types from spade shaped implements to those that look like saw blades on wheels. In addition to muscle powered diggers and walk-behind rolling edgers (which also take a fair amount of muscle in a dry summer!), there are many electric and gas powered appliances. Some weed trimmers also have special lawn edging attachments that keep you from choppingrepparttar 150636 shrubbery off withrepparttar 150637 weeds!

With allrepparttar 150638 variety in todayís modern edging tools, appliances, and edging embellishments, itís easy to make your manicured yard a picture of perfection right up torepparttar 150639 very edge of it!

Linda is an author of Gardening Tips Tricks and Howto's  of Gardening Guides and the Lawn Care section of the Lawnmower Guide.

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The Advantages of Poly Outdoor Furniture

Written by Joshua Brown

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- No cracking or splinters : Ouch, got a splinter!? Never again! Poly furniture will not splinter or crack. Safety never felt so good.

- No fading : Poly furniture has solid color allrepparttar way through and is made with UV stabilizers. The beautiful color it is now, isrepparttar 150238 color it will stay.

- No Rotting : Inrepparttar 150239 wettest environment, poly furniture will not rot. Great for waterfront properties and your poolside paradise.

- Mold and Mildew Resistant: Becauserepparttar 150240 poly does not absorb moisture, it does not fosterrepparttar 150241 growth of mold or mildew.

- Strong and Heavy : Poly furniture is generally heavier than wood and is very strong. You do not need to worry if it will hold you after all those years.

- Easy to clean : Use a mild detergent and a cloth, wipe it down and spray it off. That's about allrepparttar 150242 maintenance you should be doing!

If you are looking to saverepparttar 150243 environment or just save some time for rest and relaxation. Poly lumber has some major advantages for you.

Joshua Brown is the webmaster at Millcraft Outdoor Furniture ( Millcraft manufactures poly outdoor furniture and is located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

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