Law v. Grace

Written by Terry Dashner

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Bahnsen’s view is radical but noble; however, it’s unlikely to happen in our lifetime. Bahnsen’s view suggests that Christian should live byrepparttar Old Testament Law—moral and civil—in home, society, and country. Again, it seems unlikely thatrepparttar 150646 church would be willing to stone to death a man or woman caught inrepparttar 150647 act of adultery. America doesn’t prosecute fornication or adultery because in a promiscuous society, such as ours, too many would takerepparttar 150648 fall.

Strickland’s Dispensational view concludes on this note. “Nonetheless, as has been discovered, there is an aspect ofrepparttar 150649 law that has ceased in its validity and applicability. The regulatory purpose recognizes thatrepparttar 150650 Mosaic law was given specifically torepparttar 150651 nation Israel in order to provide guidelines for their relationship to God. This regulatory purpose providedrepparttar 150652 requirement and means of fellowship, includingrepparttar 150653 provision forrepparttar 150654 worship of God. The Mosaic law also served to govern Israel as a theocracy with a unique relationship to God. However, when Israel failed in its stewardship responsibilities underrepparttar 150655 Mosaic dispensation,repparttar 150656 law in its regulatory function ceased in validity. Paul is equally clear thatrepparttar 150657 law functioned in a temporary fashion as a tutor untilrepparttar 150658 advent of Christ (Gal. 3:24), whereupon it ceased as a means of righteousness (Rom. 10:4). The Mosaic law, described as a ministry of death (2Cor. 3:7), faded and no longer remains (v. 11), leavingrepparttar 150659 hope that is found inrepparttar 150660 person of Jesus Christ. Instead,repparttar 150661 New Testament believer is governed byrepparttar 150662 law of Christ, a law that is fulfilled by loving one’s neighbor (Gal. 5:14; 6:2).”

The point Strickland seems to make is this. The moral law orrepparttar 150663 Ten Commandments is no longer an external thing to which a Christian tries to align his or her conduct before God. The moral law orrepparttar 150664 law of Christ is now written onrepparttar 150665 heart ofrepparttar 150666 believer. Byrepparttar 150667 power ofrepparttar 150668 Holy Spirit,repparttar 150669 believer is helped to overcome lust, greed, licentiousness, and other works ofrepparttar 150670 flesh that lead to overt acts of breaking God’s commandments. In doing so,repparttar 150671 believer now lives byrepparttar 150672 power ofrepparttar 150673 spirit, not byrepparttar 150674 works ofrepparttar 150675 flesh.

And then there is scholar Walter C. Kaiser Jr. who assertsrepparttar 150676 following. It isrepparttar 150677 moral law of God found inrepparttar 150678 Decalogue andrepparttar 150679 Holiness Code of Leviticus 18-19 that must act asrepparttar 150680 absolute norms against which all other commands in God’s law are judged, interpreted, and applied to today. The hunger for someone to giverepparttar 150681 believing community instruction inrepparttar 150682 proper use of law is so great that one popular seminar since 1986, focusing on Proverbs (a veritable republication ofrepparttar 150683 law of God in proverbial form, as can be seen fromrepparttar 150684 marginal references to Exodus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy), has literally had tens of thousands of people swarming to its sessions in every major city in North America and now all overrepparttar 150685 world. This is an indictment onrepparttar 150686 church and its reticence to preachrepparttar 150687 moral law of God and to apply it to all aspects of life as indicated in Scripture.”

Here again,repparttar 150688 emphasis is uponrepparttar 150689 moral law’s use inrepparttar 150690 sanctification ofrepparttar 150691 believer. John Calvin spoke in this regard duringrepparttar 150692 Reformation period of Church history. (It sounds logical to me, but not without some concerns.)

And last, Douglas J. Moo states this, “…I have stressed, to say thatrepparttar 150693 Mosaic law in itself is no longer binding onrepparttar 150694 Christian is not to say that individual commandments within that law may not be. In fact, as we have seen, New Testament authors explicitly ‘reapply’ several Mosaic commandments torepparttar 150695 Christian…The content of all but one ofrepparttar 150696 Ten Commandments is taken up into ‘the law of Christ,’ for which we are responsible. I am not, then, suggesting thatrepparttar 150697 essential ‘moral’ content ofrepparttar 150698 Mosaic law is not applicable to believers. Onrepparttar 150699 ‘bottom line’ question of what Christians are actually to do, I could well find myself in complete agreement with, say, a colleague who takes a traditional Reformed approach torepparttar 150700 Mosaic law. The difference would lie not in what Christians are to do but in how it is to be discovered. While my Reformed colleague might argue that we are bound to whatever in Mosaic law has not been clearly overturned by New Testament teaching, I argue that we are bound only to that which is clearly repeated within New Testament teaching.”

Bringing it all together, hopefully.

The views have been briefly stated in conclusion. Overall what seems to ring true in every view is this. Justification for all believers, past and present, has been by faith in God through Jesus Christ. The Mosaic Law was uniquely given to a covenant people (already justified) who heralded God as their King. The law was forrepparttar 150701 sanctifying purpose ofrepparttar 150702 covenant people, while maintaining civil order through God’s civil and moral laws. The ceremonial laws were to tutorrepparttar 150703 nation of Israel torepparttar 150704 coming Messiah, Jesus Christ.

The new covenant with its focus on grace does not abolish all elements ofrepparttar 150705 Mosaic law becauserepparttar 150706 Church must progress along, being sanctified byrepparttar 150707 Holy Spirit to overcomerepparttar 150708 sin ofrepparttar 150709 world. Grace forrepparttar 150710 church age does not mean freedom FROM law, but it means freedom from sin’s breach of God’s moral law. Sin no longer has a dominate hold onrepparttar 150711 believer once she is born again and living inrepparttar 150712 power ofrepparttar 150713 Holy Spirit. I believe it all comes down to this. There has always been, and will always be, a need to live a balanced Christian life. The balance is grace onrepparttar 150714 one hand and God’s law onrepparttar 150715 other, a picture ofrepparttar 150716 perfect scales of justice.

Keeprepparttar 150717 faith. Stayrepparttar 150718 course. Jesus is coming again.

Pastor T.

Pastors a small church in Broken Arrow, OK. U.S. Navy veteran, retired police officer, and proud father of three grown children and one grandchild.

Genetically Predisposed to Find Faith

Written by Arthur Levine

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When you strip away your inhibitions you will discover that you are a good and worthwhile person who is entitled to have faith. You are entitled to feel good about yourself. God gave us our imaginations, which allow us to worship him in any way that we believe is right. God in his infinite wisdom gave usrepparttar right to make choices. He must have known what he was doing.

Try and strip away your inhibitions and imagine how wonderful it would be to have faith inrepparttar 150613 Almighty without any preconditions. Try and imagine that God in his wisdom allowsrepparttar 150614 natural evolution of nature to take its course as part ofrepparttar 150615 creation of his grand design. Try and believe in that which we cannot see or understand. Try to use your imagination to listen torepparttar 150616 words ofrepparttar 150617 Lord so that you may begin to understand.

Are you deep down in your heart a faith seeker? Do you hunger to have more faith? Are you willing to strip away your inhibitions and use your imagination to help you find more faith inrepparttar 150618 one Supreme Being? You don’t have to be hesitant anymore. You are not alone in your quest to find more faith. You don’t have to be afraid to have your desire to become a person of faith exposed. We are all stripped naked inrepparttar 150619 eyes of God. We are all creatures of his divine creation. We can all become people of faith. We can all learn to express our faith in God.

Arthur Levine, Faith Builder Imaginator, is the author of The Magic of Faith, which can be previewed at

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