Law Enforcement Professionals Move Ahead With A Criminal Justice Degree

Written by Terry McDermott

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based onrepparttar variety and levels of online criminal justice degrees that are being offered. Students can participate in criminal justice programs fromrepparttar 144710 certificate level torepparttar 144711 doctoral level. The flexibility and accessibility of these courses now make it possible for those desiring to enterrepparttar 144712 field of law enforcement to pursue this goal even if they are currently employed. Existing law enforcement professionals can continue to execute their duties while studying for undergraduate or graduate degrees.

I today's environment,repparttar 144713 need for qualified experts in law enforcement is critical. The dangers are real butrepparttar 144714 opportunities for growth and valuable public service are extraordinary. Dedicated individuals withrepparttar 144715 proper attitude and a sincere desire to move ahead can advance their careers and help make everyone safer by earning a degree in criminal justice. Being able to do that online is a convenience worth considering.

Terry McDermott is the administrator of the Lifelong Learning Center at, a website offering resources for online education in a variety of disciplines and professions.

College Is Much More Than Higher Education

Written by Meghan Semple

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College is aboutrepparttar closing of one chapter of your life, andrepparttar 144709 beginning of another. It's a time of expanding and growing into adulthood. There is a lot of focus onrepparttar 144710 higher education aspects of attending college, and it's really much more than that.

College is a time to get to know who you are, and what you may want to do in your life. College gives you an opportunity to spread your wings, and learn about things which serve and support you in a "safe" environment. College is a time to network, and relationship with other people.

Some ofrepparttar 144711 most important questions you can ask yourself is What do I like? What am I interested in? What subject do I lose myself in? There will be some required courses and those may not jazz you, but your major should be something that fits like a glove. If you are unsure, don't commit to any one course of direction until you have determined that. There is an abundance of college options, so take your time in choosingrepparttar 144712 one that best suits your needs. It will save you a lot of time and money and aggravation, inrepparttar 144713 long run!

Meghan Semple is founder of All About College an excellent resource site dedicated to information about colleges.

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