Launching Your Affiliate Program Correctly

Written by Mark Kenny

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Whichever method you use to get your program listed whether its doing it manually, Or paying you will generally find thatrepparttar main directories such as Associateprograms & Adbility will contact you within a few days. These are alsorepparttar 143788 ones that will supply you withrepparttar 143789 most prospects. Some ofrepparttar 143790 smaller directories will take months to list your program, I've known it to take up to three months to get a listing in some of these directories.

It's not an ideal situation especially when you launch your own program you'll want to atract some super affiliates, Those marketers already established with several successful web sites & massive mailing lists which can push your program for you. But in reality, they are not likely to be watching these directories forrepparttar 143791 release of your program.

However, one place where you can find these super affiliates is on Joint Venture Websites. A JV Site is where marketers present offers to each other inrepparttar 143792 hope of finding partners to promote their programs and if you use them along withrepparttar 143793 main affiliate directories you can give your program a successful launch. Additionally by listing In JV sites you are establishing some credibility for yourself with other marketers. These are marketers who you could find yourself dealing with time and time again. You can find a list of JV Web sites at: Http://

Personally I subscribe to a lot of mailings from established internet "gurus" and you often see a few of them promoting identical offers. Believe me this is not a coincidence, I've saw announcements listed at JV Sites and within a few days everyone is promoting them including these gurus. Just make sure you research and develop your affiliate program properly before launching on A JV Site. If you do it badly they won't forget you - But forrepparttar 143794 wrong reasons.

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A Guide to AdSense

Written by Chris Rivers

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However, there is more to profiting from your content than just joiningrepparttar program and pasting ads randomly onrepparttar 143673 page. For one,repparttar 143674 content of your page must be useful to readers (to keep them coming back) and atrepparttar 143675 same time valuable to advertisers. Website hosting, for example, is a consistently profitable phrase. Of course, that field has become crowded now. The key remains to find an untapped niche.

Also, sites are limited to three units on a page so as to not overwhelm readers. Positioning is crucial. Studies show thatrepparttar 143676 most viewed area of a page is towardrepparttar 143677 top and left (think of where you normally start reading). Placing ads right afterrepparttar 143678 content or embedding them inrepparttar 143679 articles are also effective techniques. Google has examples of placement to guide you once you join AdSense.

Last, but just as important, isrepparttar 143680 appearance ofrepparttar 143681 AdSense units. The program allows their colors to be customized to matchrepparttar 143682 look of your site. Use this ability to makerepparttar 143683 ads look likerepparttar 143684 rest ofrepparttar 143685 links on your site and be sure to matchrepparttar 143686 background color as well. Visitors will respond better as they see will giverepparttar 143687 text a chance instead of unconsciously rejecting them as advertisements.

There is a lot more to explore and experiment with, but by now you should have a general idea of how AdSense works. Good luck!

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