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3) Background music.

4) Mouse-over and mouse-down sound effects.

5) Background picture.

6) Many profesional button designs available.

7) Extra feature to add a company slogan torepparttar menu.

8) Small file sizes.

Amara Flash Menu Maker is a shareware program, so anyone can first try outrepparttar 131695 free shareware version before deciding to buy it. The free, unregistered version can be downloaded for free fromrepparttar 131696 Amara Software website, and is fully functional, withrepparttar 131697 exception of URL links inrepparttar 131698 buttons.

To getrepparttar 131699 registered version with full hyperlink functionality, users should buy Amara Flash Menu Maker for just US$29.95 viarepparttar 131700 secure payment service link onrepparttar 131701 Amara Software website. Users who have bought Amara Flash Menu Maker will receive free upgrades.More information about Amara Flash Menu Maker is available onrepparttar 131702 website, where you can also see some working examples ofrepparttar 131703 Flash menus created withrepparttar 131704 program: For any other questions, please e-mailrepparttar 131705 program's creator at

Amara Software isrepparttar 131706 developer of no-nonsense Flash programs, making it easier for people to create Flash elements for their website. Other Flash programs by Amara Software are: Amara Flash News Ticker ( and Amara Flash Photo Slide Show Builder (

Amara Software is the developer of no-nonsense Flash programs, making it easier for people to create Flash elements for their website.

Forums – Should You Have Them On Your Website?

Written by Anne Moss

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Forrepparttar webmasters reading this article, I will say that managing a team is a task in its own right. Findingrepparttar 131693 good mods can meanrepparttar 131694 difference between success and failure. And it doesn't end there. You have to put your heart and mind to it – allrepparttar 131695 time.

Forums Take Up a Lot of Resources

Forums are database-type applications that generate web pages onrepparttar 131696 fly. Every time a user views a page, it's being created from scratch. Asrepparttar 131697 forums become more active, this can take a heavy load onrepparttar 131698 web server's resources. When our forums reached 2,000 members, we had to switch over to a dedicated server. When they reached 7,000 members, we had to upgrade to a new dedicated server… With several other websites stored on our server,repparttar 131699 forums arerepparttar 131700 big resources hoggers, taking up bandwidth, disk space and, most importantly, CPU resources. This brings us torepparttar 131701 next point…

Forums Do Not Make Lucrative Advertising Stock

You think that with successful forums, generating millions of targeted pageviews each month, you would do well financially? Think again. Forums not only cost you a lot to run, they also don't bring in a whole lot of revenue, compared to regular web pages. Advertisers don't like to run ads on forum pages. So much so, that most CPM based ad networks won't even let you place their ads there.

Our experience with CPC ads shows that they may have a good point. Click-through rates on forum pages are significantly lower then on other types of web pages. There are ways to make your forums generate revenues, but trust me, it's not that easy. I will be writing a separate article on how we got our forums to pay for their keeping.

The Bottom Line

Forums are not for every website. Don't just put it up there and hope forrepparttar 131702 best. If you can't or don't want to put a lot of time and effort into creating a viable community, just leave it. Having no forums is better than having dead forums. Having dead forums on your website may actually drive people away.

Research your field. How easy will it be to create a community geared towardsrepparttar 131703 subject of your website? Is it something that people want to talk about with each other? Are there other forums on this subject? How are they doing?

Get your feet wet. Join several forums and become an active participant. If possible, become a team member or a moderator in a large forum. Big forums often have secret team forums, where you can learn a lot about community management.

Think ahead. Where do you see your website in a year or two? Is this your main project and passion? Will you haverepparttar 131704 time and energy it takes to maintain a forum? Above all: Will you enjoy it?

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