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Written by Amara Cray

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The news ticker has various settings for scrolling speed, from fast to slow, and it can be set to pause from one to many seconds betweenrepparttar different news items.

Amara Flash News Ticker savesrepparttar 131753 user's creation and gives it as an HTML code which can then easily be copied and pasted intorepparttar 131754 user's website. It is compatible with all commonly-used HTML editors. The user's settings are also saved within repparttar 131755 program, sorepparttar 131756 news ticker can simply be opened again later to make changes or additions.

Amara Flash News Ticker is a shareware program, so anyone who is interested can first try outrepparttar 131757 free version before buying it. The unregistered version can be downloaded for free fromrepparttar 131758 Amara Flash Software website, but any creations will contain a visible watermark. Users who want to save news tickers created with Amara Flash News Ticker to use it on their website need to purchaserepparttar 131759 registered version ofrepparttar 131760 program. It is available for only US$19.95 via Amara Flash Software's website.

More information about Amara Flash News Ticker is available fromrepparttar 131761 website, where you can also see a working example of a news ticker created withrepparttar 131762 program.

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Flash - To Use Or No To Use?

Written by Oleg Lazarenko

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The Fifth Fact: As you may notice we used on our web page flash header. Why? The reason was simple and that isrepparttar fact number five: flash movies are cashed in special browser folder and second time you access it you don't need to wait. Flash movie will be displayed fromrepparttar 131751 cache folder. Image files are also stored in browser cache and may be reused if you keeprepparttar 131752 file names and path to imagesrepparttar 131753 same. But we selected flash due to several technical reasons related to our needs. So we did it to reduce our page loading time. See how confusing it sounds withrepparttar 131754 third fact I mentioned?:-) The problem is that it requires a lot of time to download but only forrepparttar 131755 first time! If you could make visitors wait that time then you will benefit from having flash header as it always there and does not need to be loaded each time you go torepparttar 131756 other page.

The Sixth Fact: Search engines do not like flash pages, as it makes almost impossible to crawl them. They can not crawl links on your web page and can not index your website content if it is in flash. In html you can insert flash only as object.

As you may see flash has number of advantages and disadvantages. No matter what you think about flash but it belongs torepparttar 131757 future ofrepparttar 131758 Internet. If you cannot admit this and stay away then tomorrow you will regret you did it. Just considerrepparttar 131759 flash usage on your web site. Remember! Be reasonable in design and flash usage and you will get good looking website. This article may be reprinted and distributed with no charge untilrepparttar 131760 credit line below remains without changes. Thanks for reading. Oleg Lazarenko Metamorphosis Web Design Studio Production Manager

Thanks for reading. Oleg Lazarenko Metamorphosis Web Design Studio Production Manager

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