Late-breaking News About Our Companion, the Dog

Written by Susan Dunn, The EQ Coach

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Dogs and humans go way back. It appears Palaeolithic humans tamed dogs 15,000 years ago. According to Peter Savolainen, an evolutionary biologist atrepparttar Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, that's when we bred aggression out of wolves and made dogs pets.

Another researcher, Brian Hare, at Harvard has been studying dogs' special ability to communicate with humans. He did experiments where he hid food and then used nonverbal means of communication to indicate where it was. He tested dogs, human-reared wolves, chimps, and puppies. Chimps and wolves couldn't find it, but dogs and even puppies, who hadn't been around humans, knew what it meant when researchers pointed atrepparttar 125536 place, or 'eyed' it, or placed a item on it.

Hare's studies are showing that although chimps are our closest relatives genetically, they cooperate and communicate very poorly with us. But oh our dogs can! Want to make a webpage for your dog? Go here:

Want to nominate your dog for pet ofrepparttar 125537 day? Go here:

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Written by Linda Landry

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I have been fortunate to encounter several such helpful net entrepreneurs. I thank them so much for their encouragement and support. They have been optimistic and have provided valuable information butrepparttar most rewarding is their willingness to assist in someone else's success. WOW! That is exhilarating. I doubt we have seen this type of cooperation sincerepparttar 125535 pioneer days. I feel fortunate to be part of this frontier. I hope this spirit of camaraderie continues.

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