Last Minute Seaside Holiday in UK in Private Caravan on Suffolk Coast

Written by Liz Toone

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A Suffolk holiday has something for everyone from sandy beaches, swimming pools and fishing trips to beautiful marshland walks, historic castles and too many museums to mention. The popular resort of Great Yarmouth andrepparttar old fishing port of Lowestoft are a short drive away fromrepparttar 142446 holiday park. Broadland Sands alongrepparttar 142447 Coastal Road at Corton near Lowestoft, is great for a fun packed family holiday or a quiet weekend break, with an unspoilt coastline and beautiful villages for you to explore. Caravan Holidays Just 4 U still have some availability for Summer 2005 and are now taking bookings for Spring and Summer 2006. Just call or email to check availability.

For further information visit our website at For information on Broadland Sands a full colour brochure is available from Tricia Pomfrey - just callrepparttar 142448 number below or email Mrs Tricia Pomfrey. Tel: 01234 823553

For more information contact Tricia Pomfrey on Tel: 01234 823553 or visit

Kidsí Bunk Beds: How to keep your child safe.

Written by Dani Martin

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to keep kids bunk beds safe. First and foremost, it is absolutely critical to maintain side guardrails on all sides ofrepparttar upper bed. These guardrails must be secure inrepparttar 142343 event that children move around or roll during their sleep. In addition, another simple precaution is to not to allow children underrepparttar 142344 age of six to sleep inrepparttar 142345 upper bunk. In addition, ladder safety is very important. You should consider teaching your kids how to safely userepparttar 142346 ladder ofrepparttar 142347 bed, and warning them that horseplay onrepparttar 142348 ladder or upper bunk will not be tolerated. Finally, in rooms with kidsí bunk beds, night lights should be used to provide additional security in caserepparttar 142349 child inrepparttar 142350 top bunk wakes up duringrepparttar 142351 night and has to exitrepparttar 142352 bed.

To be sure, your kids will love you for getting them a bunk bed. More than ever before, they will be excited to play in their rooms and go to bed at night. If you follow this advice for safety precautions and instructions on how to purchase a quality bed, kidsí bunk beds will also satisfyrepparttar 142353 needs of parents.

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