Last Minute National Park Vacations

Written by Gregg Strand

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There will be dozens of pages of search results. You could start clicking onrepparttar pages and visit them one by one, searching for last minute available lodging, but this can be very time consuming. What to do?

At, you can choose which park you want to visit and when you click on that park's page onrepparttar 142748 site,repparttar 142749 name of a nearby town will already be entered into a hotel booking engine search box. The results ofrepparttar 142750 search will return not only hotels fromrepparttar 142751 city searched for, but towns located within appoximately a 25 mile radius. Depending on which park you are searching for, there could be a dozen or more places to choose from. This SAVES YOU TIME by requiring only one search instead of possibly many from a general search engine.

So, if you'd like to make last minute national park plans, please visit Some ofrepparttar 142752 places listed will offer exclusive discounts that are not available anywhere else. You will also be able to search for cheap AIRLINE TICKETS and CAR RENTALS.

Webmaster of Find last-minute national parks discount hotel and lodging availability. Save time by searching several locations at once.

Staying healthy while traveling

Written by Sarah Moore

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- Wash you hands thoroughly before all meals.

- When purchasing meat and seafood, look for proper refrigeration.

- Cooked food is generally safer for consumption. Raw and undercooked food can carry an array of pathogens.

- Be wary of un-pasteurized milk and milk products

- The National Center for Infectious Diseases publishes informative traveler’s health information. Food and drink risks can be accessed through:

Insect Bites Be sure to cover up with insect repellant – especially when travelingrepparttar tropics. Spray on repellant with DEET will offer yourepparttar 142704 greatest protection. Use mosquito nets while sleeping. Also, be sure to research whether insect carried diseases are a problem where you intend to travel.

Sunburn Many of us travel to find a spot inrepparttar 142705 sun but overexposure can cause severe sunburn. Stay inrepparttar 142706 shade during extreme burn times and use plenty of sun block. When choosing sun block, checkrepparttar 142707 SPF Factor andrepparttar 142708 brand. SPF 30+ is recommended when traveling down-under.

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Sarah Moore has been in the travel and tourism industry for over 20 years and is currently working with one of the worlds largest coach networks. Sarah is also the webmaster of TravelJ - A Traveler's Resources & Information Network -

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