Laser Hair Removal

Written by Virginia Wong

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Laser hair removal is expensive due torepparttar multiple treatments required. The reasons is that hair grows in a cycle that ranges from approximately 6 to 12 weeks and this isrepparttar 149491 amount of time that it takes hair to grow fromrepparttar 149492 base ofrepparttar 149493 follicle torepparttar 149494 surface ofrepparttar 149495 skin. As hair grows during these cycles, only a portion ofrepparttar 149496 hair is being treated during this growth period with each laser treatment. Therefore multiple treatments (approximately four to eight depending upon your colour of your hair and skin) are required during this growth period. This is so that each treatment allows total coverage on all hairs duringrepparttar 149497 various growth cycle. This can range from approximately a four to eight week interval. As discussed above, darked hair patients with fair skin require less treatment.

The average cost per treatment ranges from $500 and about four sessions are required. Again, this number will differ depending uponrepparttar 149498 size ofrepparttar 149499 area treated andrepparttar 149500 colour of your skin and hair. To get an exact cost, a consultation on pricing is an individual process and it is best to discuss this withrepparttar 149501 laser center.

Once you have decided to undertake this treatment, make sure it is performed by an experienced laser treatment centre. Due to different state regulations, there has been varying level of compliance with laser hair removal centres and this has resulted in improper treatment by unskilled clinics. Some states require a doctor to performrepparttar 149502 treatment, whilst for others; anyone including “unskilled” personnel can performrepparttar 149503 treatment. Readrepparttar 149504 latest news on laser hair removal for more information. These improper unskilled clinic may result in burns (similar to sunburn), lesions, skin discolouration that can last several months, or patchy/patterned regrowth. One rule to remember is that cheaper is not alwaysrepparttar 149505 best, so findrepparttar 149506 best laser hair removal centre around.

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Is the air in your home hurting you?

Written by Brandon Hopkins

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2. Open some windows Whenrepparttar weather permits, open some windows and get some air circulating. The air outside is usually better for you thanrepparttar 149448 air inside. If you have fans, stick them nearrepparttar 149449 windows. If you have a whole house fan, turn it on as often as possible. After you have hadrepparttar 149450 windows open for a while, shu t them and then turn your air purifiers and let them run. Your air purifier will removerepparttar 149451 particles that entered whilerepparttar 149452 windows were open.

3. Check for mold If you home has flooded or has moisture in your home, you may have a mold problem. If you have never checked for mold, you may want to. There are DIY mold removal kits or you can hire a certified mold inspector and remover.

If you want you and you family to be a healthy and happy family, follow these 3 easy steps and you'll be on your way to clean air in no time!

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