Laser Eye Surgery: To Opt or Not to Opt...

Written by Mike Spencer

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suffering from Herpes Simplex

currently taking medication that may interfere withrepparttar body's ability to heal

suffering from severe allergies or diseases

or have a corneal infection or scarring.

Also listed among those who are not considered for laser eye surgery are those who have had previous eye surgery, those who have inflammation ofrepparttar 139827 eye or eyelids accompanied by crusting ofrepparttar 139828 eyelashes, suffer from unstable refractive problems, currently take medication that causes them to suffer ocular side effects, those with Keratonconus, glaucoma or high blood pressure inrepparttar 139829 eye region, corneal injury, and those who are taking sumatriptan for migraine relief.

Some ofrepparttar 139830 risks

Amongrepparttar 139831 more specific risks that are associated with laser eye surgery are:

lost vision

reduced low-light vision



increased need for reading glasses and severe dry-eye syndrome.

It's best to discuss these risks with your physician before committing yourself to having this procedure performed, since there will be no way to reclaim diminished or lost sight when it comes about asrepparttar 139832 result of laser eye surgery.

One other consideration that you'll have to pay careful attention to isrepparttar 139833 reputation and success rate ofrepparttar 139834 doctor who will be performingrepparttar 139835 surgery. He or she should be licensed inrepparttar 139836 area of laser eye surgery and care, and be able to offer an impressive success rate.

If possible, check with other people who may have undergone this procedure with that particular doctor before making that final decision, in order to get their impression of bothrepparttar 139837 treatment andrepparttar 139838 doctor, as well as an accounting of their experiences after opting to have laser eye surgery.

Mike Spencer reviews reviews leading, and sometimes controversial, approaches to improving and protecting our health. Here he looks at the pros and cons of LASIK eye surgery and whether it can offer any real benefits to improved vision. For more related articlessee here:

“Bodybuilding Sins” That Cause Back Pain and Missed Workouts: Part 5

Written by Jesse Cannone

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So here’s my… 5-Step Formula for Quickly Eliminating and Preventing Aches, Pains and Injuries Step 1. Rest and Recovery The first thing you need to do is REST! And no, I don’t mean take a day or two off… I mean no workouts for at least a week or more… you need to give your body a chance to reducerepparttar inflammation before you can begin work on eliminating or correctingrepparttar 139754 cause ofrepparttar 139755 problem. You may also want to use things like a heating pad, hot tub or massage to help reducerepparttar 139756 inflammation and speed uprepparttar 139757 healing and recovery… Step 2. Identify Muscle Imbalances The next thing you need to do is find out which muscle imbalances have created your injury or are causing your pain and work towards correcting them… you can do this quickly and easily by performing physical assessments in which you are looking for strength and flexibility imbalances in all opposing muscle groups. You can do these assessments yourself and they are covered in our Loserepparttar 139758 Back Pain Video Step 3. Increase Flexibility in Tight Muscles with Targeted Stretching In order to correct a muscle imbalance, you need to increaserepparttar 139759 flexibility and range of motion inrepparttar 139760 muscles that are too tight and causing a problem. As we discussed inrepparttar 139761 previous articles, you have got to know what muscles NEED to be stretched before you start stretching. General stretching may or may not help… it may even make things worse! You have got to targetrepparttar 139762 right areas andrepparttar 139763 only way to ensure that you are, is to do assessments and find out. Step 4. Strengthen Weak Muscles with Targeted Strength Exercises The other major step in correcting muscle imbalances is to strengthrepparttar 139764 weak muscles that are being overpowered byrepparttar 139765 strong and tight opposing muscle(s). The same is also true for strengthening… you have to make sure that you chooserepparttar 139766 right exercises andrepparttar 139767 only way to know for sure is thru assessments… don’t use guesswork when choosing exercises! Step 5. Monitor and Modify Your Program The key to long term pain relief and injury prevention is to consistently monitor your progress and adjust your program… for example, as you work on correcting and preventing muscle imbalancesrepparttar 139768 strength and flexibility of your muscles will change and therefore, you must then re-assess and change your program and workouts accordingly. You will typically see changes in your strength, flexibility and bio-mechanics in as little as 2-4 weeks so I recommend that you re-assess yourself at least every 4-6 weeks. So there you have it… 5 simple steps that you can take right now to work on eliminating any pain or injuries you currently have AND make sure you never create any new ones to deal with inrepparttar 139769 future. Following these steps will not only help you eliminate aches, pains and injuries and it will also allow you to train more intensely and productively to get yourepparttar 139770 results you want. Hope you enjoyed and benefited from this article series and we look forward to hearing of your success.

Article courtesy of Jesse Cannone of Find out exactly what’s causing your back pain and injuries and the steps you need to take to quickly get rid of your pain and become injury free.

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