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Written by Tom Howze

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you to gain rewards at a number of casinos instead of just one. At some casinos, technological advancements makes it possible to withdrawrepparttar cash earned on your account using a pin number at self-serve kiosks that are onrepparttar 136044 casino floor. Wagering bonuses earned for slots are also being placed on your card to be used at slot machines inrepparttar 136045 casinos. And when you are at home, you can use your card number to enter events online with casinos and win more comps and free goodies. So once you get a card, make sure you keep up with it! (Inrepparttar 136046 event that you do lose it,repparttar 136047 casino will make a new one for you easily.)

Now for online casinos or poker rooms, their bonuses are mostly inrepparttar 136048 form of bonuses deposits, "player point programs" or free entries to tournaments for big money. This is a great benefit for gamblers as it gives more opportunities to win! Records are kept of how often and how much you gamble with them. And periodically, they will let you know what you have qualified for. For example, poker players can use "player points" to enter major online poker tournaments instead of having to pay entry fees. Chris Moneymaker proved playing poker can make millions in 2003 and Gregory Paul Raymer did it again in 2004 with both winning World Series of Poker championships. Both signed up with a major online poker room and ended up becoming millionaires! Imagine receiving big money from a tournament and knowing that you never paid one dime in entry fees! Givingrepparttar 136049 player "points", is one ofrepparttar 136050 ways that online poker rooms comp their players.

From this point on you should start getting more from your gambling by following these ideas. Print up this page and keep it with you on your next trip as a reminder. Good luck!

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Biggest Mistake while playing Texas Holdem POKER

Written by Rory Monahan

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continues as Nathan and Greg- who are both sitting left of you- call your raise.
The next few players muck their hands, and then Cindy, who is just to your right, jumps intorepparttar action and calls.
You really didn't want this much action with your pocket nines.
But hey, you've built up a nice pot, and you might get lucky and spike onrepparttar 135921 flop.
Plus, everyone simply called your pre-flop raise (no one came back overrepparttar 135922 top), which is a good sign.
The flop hits:
K, 7, 4.
Not too great of a flop for you, but not that bad either.
You would feel a lot better off without that King onrepparttar 135923 board.
Cindy, first to act right now, taps her hand on repparttar 135924 table and checks to you.
This isn't surprising, since you took control beforerepparttar 135925 flop.
Sorepparttar 135926 action is to you...
This is where most poker players would CHECK.
Big mistake.
Right now, you have absolutely NO WAY of knowing who hasrepparttar 135927 best hand atrepparttar 135928 table.
And that is PRECISELY why you must make a feeler bet...
Think about it:
If you CHECK, you're portraying weakness to your three opponents... letting them know thatrepparttar 135929 flop didn't help you.
Which gives one of THEMrepparttar 135930 opportunity to make a bet or try to buyrepparttar 135931 pot.
And you still won't know where you stand.
So instead of checking, you throw out a small FEELER BET that isn't going to get you into much trouble.
This isn't a bluff.
This is just a bet to find out who has a real hand and who doesn't. And it keeps you in a position to WINrepparttar 135932 pot.
"Thirteen dollars", you say as you push in a stack of chips.
Remember, this FEELER BET isn't going to get you into trouble. You're not going broke if you lose this pot... because you've got over $200 in your stack of chips.
And this isrepparttar 135933 ONLY WAY you've got a chance at winning this hand.
Nathan and Greg both immediately muck their cards.
The action goes to Cindy now, who thinks for a few moments while peeking at her hand a second time. Finally, she calls your bet.
Your feeler bet worked well. You got rid of two players... and you've got a read on Cindy now.
Because she called, you think she might be on a draw or might haverepparttar 135934 King without a decent kicker.
The turn card is an Ace.
This is GREAT for you.
It's great because you made that feeler bet...
Because you're confident that Cindy is NOT holding an Ace. If she had Big Slick, she would've made a pre-flop raise, rather than simply limping-in and calling your feeler bets.
She checks again.
This is where you can takerepparttar 135935 pot down with a real bet.
"Forty dollars", you say as you push in a stack of chips.
Cindy folds, of course, and you rake in a nice pot... all of which was SET UP through your two feeler bets.
If you hadn't made your feeler bets, there's no way you would've wonrepparttar 135936 hand.
Because you wouldn't have scared outrepparttar 135937 other players, you wouldn't have created good positioning for yourself, and you wouldn't have had a read on Cindy.
This is why I make feeler bets allrepparttar 135938 time... and why you should too.
I throw out "feelers" with top pair, second pair, bottom pair, or draws.
These bets arerepparttar 135939 only way I know whether I have repparttar 135940 best hand at any particular point in time...
Sure, I get re-raised often. And that's when I foldrepparttar 135941 hand and loserepparttar 135942 bet I just put in.
If you get re-raised after a feeler bet, then you know you probably don't haverepparttar 135943 best hand atrepparttar 135944 table... so muck it.
Losingrepparttar 135945 few dollars you made with your feeler bet is perfectly fine...
Because it's MUCH BETTER than just CALLING bet after bet without getting a read on your opponents... and then losing after allrepparttar 135946 cards get flipped over.
That's a SUCKER way to lose a pot.
And you'll go broke that way.
Plus, my feeler bets give me CONTROL and create ACTION atrepparttar 135947 table...
If a nine had come out atrepparttar 135948 flop inrepparttar 135949 example above, I wouldn't have needed to slow-play it...
And I wouldn't have been worried about having a monster and not winning any money with it (which happens to a LOT of amateurs)... because I had already created action with my FEELER BET.
Sorepparttar 135950 next time you play no-limit Texas Holdem, throw out feeler bets consistently and use them to your advantage.
Nothing too big... just enough to get a read on your opponents and find out where you're at in each hand.
You'll IMMEDIATELY realizerepparttar 135951 POWERFUL EFFECT that feeler bets will add to your game.
Because you'll have HUGE stacks of chips in front of you atrepparttar 135952 end ofrepparttar 135953 night...
While EVERYONE ELSE will just be sitting there, with their jaws wide-open, wondering how inrepparttar 135954 world YOU BEAT THEM SO BADLY...
If you want to learn how to KICK ASS like this in no-limit Texas Holdem poker... night after night... then go to my website.
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