Las Vegas - The Entertainment Capital

Written by Eric Madsen

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offers cooler weather, horseback riding, picnic areas, camping, etc. As far as shopping, there are three discount outlet malls in Vegas plus several shopping malls. The Fashion Place Mall is huge, and is onrepparttar strip as well asrepparttar 150919 shopping at Caesars Palace andrepparttar 150920 huge shopping at Aladdin's mall. Las Vegas has excellent restaurants, golf, hot air balloon rides and other outdoor activities. And if you're into theme parks, some great rides are available right onrepparttar 150921 Strip. If you want to stay at hotels with limited gambling, try Lake Las Vegas... just 20 minutes fromrepparttar 150922 Strip but worlds apart.

There is also a lot of cheap entertainment. Look inrepparttar 150923 local newspaper ads for two for one coupons and also go torepparttar 150924 promotion desks atrepparttar 150925 hotels, ask if they are giving any comp tickets. Rio does allrepparttar 150926 time! Have a great time!

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Argentina Travel - Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Iguazú Falls, Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia

Written by Rick Chapo

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Iguazú Falls

If you like waterfalls, this isrepparttar place for you. The Iquaza Falls are twice as wide and taller than Niagara Falls. The Falls actually consist of over 250 cascades that came into existence due to a volcanic eruption. If you can, try to visitrepparttar 150882 falls inrepparttar 150883 spring or fall as it is ungodly hot and humid inrepparttar 150884 summer.

Tierra del Fuego

Welcome torepparttar 150885 end ofrepparttar 150886 world. At least, that’srepparttar 150887 hook for Tierra del Fuego. Ushuaia,repparttar 150888 capital of Tierra del Fuego, isrepparttar 150889 southernmost city inrepparttar 150890 world. Fromrepparttar 150891 city, you can takerepparttar 150892 “end ofrepparttar 150893 world” train to see incredible snow covered mountain ranges inrepparttar 150894 Tierra del Fuego National Park. Words fail me, butrepparttar 150895 area is definitely worth visiting. Come on, you roderepparttar 150896 elephants in Thailand, didn’t you? Patagonia

No, we are not talking aboutrepparttar 150897 clothing line. Patagonia is located in a vast area below Buenos Aires and is famous for uncompromised beauty. Greater Patagonia is actually split between Chile and Argentina. The section in Argentina is filled with glaciers, national parks and so on. I can’t possibly describe it, so I’m not even going to try. Just know that you will not be disappointed.


From glaciers to beaches, from elegant cities to friendly little towns, Argentina is a top travel destination. Withrepparttar 150898 economy stabilizing, now isrepparttar 150899 time to go.

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