Laptop Computer Extras for the Mobile Traveler

Written by John San Filippo

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Ethernet isrepparttar industry standard for computer networking, however back inrepparttar 133511 1970s IBM introduced a competing technology called Token Ring.

While Token Ring has all but faded fromrepparttar 133512 mainstream, some hardcore IBM'ers still use it.

If you're going to be working in such an environment, you'll need a PC Card to connect torepparttar 133513 network.

Extra 4: Foreign power kit

If you travel abroad, you're bound to run into a wide variety of power schemes - power schemes that aren't compatible with your laptop.

When you're away fromrepparttar 133514 homeland, you'll need some sort of adapter/converter if you want to plug into a local wall outlet.

These are relatively inexpensive and can be easily found online.

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Cell Phones and Planes: A Bad Mix?

Written by Arnie Jacobsen

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This decision has been made as a result of an option on many phones called "flight mode" which disablesrepparttar radio portion ofrepparttar 133510 phone. As a result, passenger are allowed to use their phones much as they do their game boys, computers and other such devices.

In fact, in a few years, many ofrepparttar 133511 world's airlines will be offering cellular service and wireless internet on their flights. So those that worry about cell phone use on planes, may need to get over it in rather short order.

And, just like other places inrepparttar 133512 world, we all will be putting up with people sharing intimate details of their lives withrepparttar 133513 rest of us. Progress marches on for better or for worse.

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Arnie Jacobsen is an educator, entreprenuer, and freelance writer in the field of consumer products relating to cell phones and service and cellular accessories.

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