Lamp Shades Decorate a Room

Written by Dean Novosat

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Before you head out to your lampshade store or place your order online for a replacement shade, be sure to take a look at your current lampshade. Lampshades come in a variety of different sizes (usually measured aroundrepparttar circumference ofrepparttar 150824 shade) and mounting styles. Some shades mount directly torepparttar 150825 base lamps while others mount to a support bracket that surroundsrepparttar 150826 bulb, while others still clip directly ontorepparttar 150827 light bulb.

Be brave and daring with your choice of lampshades. They are easy to replace if you hate your choice, but a simple lampshade can add that punch of drama to a room.

Dean Novosat holds a degree in Scenery and Lighting Design from Frankling & Marshall College and he uses his knowledge and experience with theatrical lighting in the home. He feels the home is just a blank canvas or stage that we choose to live in! He is the webmaster of and he enjoys using light in unique and different ways in the home.

Buying Replacement Windows

Written by Matthew Anthony

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Do your research

Research windows and styles, certainly, but also check intorepparttar companies that you choose to do business with. Ask around to friends who've replaced windows about their experience with particular suppliers and contractors.

Invite three to four companies to your home to get an estimate

Don't make a choice based on one double glazing price quote. After you've checked around, choose three or four companies that have a good reputation and have been in business for some time and make an appointment for them to come to your home. They'll need to seerepparttar 150797 scope ofrepparttar 150798 job to give you a reasonable estimate ofrepparttar 150799 price to do it.

Always have your windows measured by a professional

Don't order based on your own measurements, no matter how reliable you think they are. Choose a company that will takerepparttar 150800 measurements themselves, if for no other reason that it then becomes THEIR responsibility if any ofrepparttar 150801 windows ordered don't fitrepparttar 150802 space for them.

Finally, don't assume that you're stuck withrepparttar 150803 same look you've got. Replacement windows can make a spectacular difference in your home's appearance and value. Barring prohibition for historical or council reasons, you can have that picture or bay window you've always wanted. It's all a matter of finding it.

Matthew Anthony writes for many home improvement sites including double glazing and window treatments and blinds.

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