Lactose Intolerant?

Written by Sheridan Woodcroft

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Lactose-free Formula 1 The super soy bean is at teh heart of Herbalife's Formula 1 and Thermojetics Protein Powder. Those with lactose intolerance can mix Formula 1 and Protein Powder with water, soy milk or fruit juice rather than skim milk, confident they are still getting allrepparttar nutrients they would normally get from milk, and then some, withoutrepparttar 144105 risk of lactose symptoms.

Ideal meal -shakes Chocolate strawberry, peach almond, cafe mocha. You can enjoy delicious shakes like these and still lose weight. Formula 1 nutritional shake mix includes heart-smart soy protein and essential vitamins and minerals - all in one delicious meal! This recipe delivers at least 29 grams of protein. The combination of protein and fruit in shakes makes them more filling to help keep you satisfied and your cravings at bay.

Recipe - Strawberry Parfait Ingredients: 29 grams French Vanilla Formula 1 shake mix 18 grams Protein Powder 170 gram carton strawberry-flavoured fat-free soy yoghurt 1 cup strawberries 4 ice cubes

Directions: Place all ingredients inrepparttar 144106 blender and mix thoroughly untilrepparttar 144107 ice cubes are completely crushed. Ice cubes are optional.

Note: for a thinner consistency, add 1/4 cup non-fat soy milk.

Sheridan Woodcroft is a personal weight management and health and nutrition mentor. She can show you exciting ways to get great soy protein suitable for lactose intolerant people. Visit her website at http://www.WEIGHTLOSS-4U-PERMANENTLY.COM/?refid=article-31879

The Secret Of The Perfect Program!

Written by Trent Brook

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The best results from your training can, and should be achieved by exercising no more than three times a week. In most cases, maximum muscle gains will be achieved from only two workouts weekly. Training time should be no more then a total of sixty minutes per week, or twenty minutes for each workout. More often than notrepparttar greatest results will be obtained by reducing your total workout time per week to thirty minutes or less.

When focusing on reducing you workout times, training must be intense and fast paced. The rest period between sets should be reduced as quickly as possible to no more than sixty seconds. Eliminating rest periods almost entirely should be your ultimate goal. Although spending less time inrepparttar 144056 gym should be considered worthy, saving time is notrepparttar 144057 motivation for this method of training. Maximizing your overall muscle gains is.

Training at a rapid pace will dramatically improverepparttar 144058 condition of your heart, breathing, circulation, and muscle endurance. In order to produce maximum muscle growth, fast training is a critical requirement. Performingrepparttar 144059 same routine in twicerepparttar 144060 time will greatly reduce your muscle gains.

The ultimate goal is to perform your routines inrepparttar 144061 shortest time possible. A consistently fast rate promotes enormous improvement in muscular size. Reducing or eliminating rest periods isrepparttar 144062 easiest way to minimize training time. The performance of your sets however, must remain slow and deliberate. Momentum should not be used to “cheat”, as this will risk injury. Whenrepparttar 144063 set is completed,repparttar 144064 rest period beforerepparttar 144065 next should be really brief. Speed between sets, not during them, isrepparttar 144066 key.

Trent Brook is the Author of “Huge Gains Fast - How to Get More Rock-Hard Muscle Mass In A Month Than You Now Get All Year. His “Huge Gains Fast” muscle building program is an easy-to-follow system so simple and understandable it’s fully explained to you in just 4 easy steps! The Revised Edition is now available online at his website,

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