La Minita Coffee – It’s in the Green Beans

Written by Jim Cameron

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Unlikerepparttar other “exotic” coffees ofrepparttar 146243 world, La Minita is in this category for one reason: QUALITY! I once spent a few days with a farmer from Jamaica who wanted to increase his crop. When he was told how to make his coffee better, he replied: “I can sell every bean I can grow for $17.00 a pound; all I want to do is get more production”. Unfortunately this is oftenrepparttar 146244 case inrepparttar 146245 exotics. Jamaican Blue Mountain, Hawaiian Kona and other exotics demand high prices but way too often do not deliverrepparttar 146246 cup. LaMinita sells for far less than Jamaican and Kona and is always a superb coffee at a reasonable price. Visitrepparttar 146247 La Minita web site at: . This article is written by Jim Cameron withoutrepparttar 146248 permission of La Minita and expresses onlyrepparttar 146249 opinions ofrepparttar 146250 Author on what he believes to berepparttar 146251 best value coffee inrepparttar 146252 world. To purchase this coffee green to roast at home, contact: . To purchase this coffee roasted, contact your local coffee roaster or coffee shop.

Jim Cameron is a semi retired Specialty Coffee Roaster who now shares his love of coffee and his love of Costa Rica. His company in the USAsells these beans in raw "green coffee" form to the home roasting trade. He has a home and a small real estate business in the Southern Pacific side of Costa Rica on the OSA Peninsula.

Pesticides, Can we avoid them?

Written by Anna Maria Volpi

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Can washing of produce help get rid of pesticides? Not really. The fruits and vegetables tested byrepparttar USDA PDP (*) are “prepared emulatingrepparttar 146148 practices ofrepparttar 146149 average consumer” before testing for pesticides. That is: “(1) apples are washed with stems and cores removed; (2) asparagus and spinach have inedible portions removed and are washed; (3) cantaloupes are cut in half and seed and rinds are removed; […] and (9) tomatoes are washed and stems removed”.

Washing before consuming is highly recommended because helps decreaserepparttar 146150 pesticide residues present onrepparttar 146151 surface ofrepparttar 146152 vegetables, butrepparttar 146153 majorities of pollutants are absorbed intorepparttar 146154 plant and can’t be just washed away. Some pesticides are specifically created to stick torepparttar 146155 surface ofrepparttar 146156 crops and they don’t come out by washing. Peeling can help eliminating some ofrepparttar 146157 chemicals but not all, and a lot of important substances will be discarded withrepparttar 146158 skin.

So, on one hand we have to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables for a healthy diet, and onrepparttar 146159 other hand we have to reduce as much a possiblerepparttar 146160 intake of pesticides. What to do if you are unconvinced byrepparttar 146161 claims ofrepparttar 146162 chemical companies that certain levels of pesticides are not dangerous?

We have very few options to defend ourselves: (1) Wash all vegetables and fruit very well; (2) Change eating habits in order to consume more ofrepparttar 146163 produce with low pollutants; (3) Consume a diet as varied as possible; (4) Buy organic foods.

Anna Maria Volpi is a cooking instructor and personal chef in Los Angeles. Visit Anna Maria’s website for step-by-step illustrated traditional Italian recipes for tiramisu, pasta, pizza, lasagna, risotto, gnocchi and much more, articles and food newsletter.

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