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Consumers - Fight Back With FTC's Do Not Call Registry

Written by James H. Dimmitt

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CAUTION: There have been reports of scam artists and identity thieves calling people to request or confirm personal information for this new registry. The FTC has posted this warning to consumers on their web page:

“The FTC will not allow private companies or other such third parties to "pre-register" consumers forrepparttar national Do Not Call registry. Web sites or phone solicitations that claim they can or will register a consumer's name or phone number on a national list – especially those that charge a fee – are a scam. Consumers will be able to register directly withrepparttar 113513 FTC, or through some state governments, but never private companies.”

Consumers should also be aware that some types of telephone solicitation are exempt fromrepparttar 113514 do-not-call protection. Companies from which you have purchased, leased or rented from inrepparttar 113515 previous 18 months are exempt. Also charities, surveys, and calls on behalf of politicians will be exempt from this service.

The National Do Not Call Registry does not cover business to business calls.

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