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HAND-PEELED OR MILLED: (or anything in between). Hand-crafted log homes are just that:repparttar logs are cut and peeled by hand with a draw-knife, which creates a uneven surface alongrepparttar 137860 log. For an even more rustic look, some ofrepparttar 137861 bark is left intact. Ifrepparttar 137862 log is milled,repparttar 137863 machine takes offrepparttar 137864 layer of bark, leaving a fairly smooth surface torepparttar 137865 log. This can be sanded to a fine finish, if you have enough time or money. Sometimes,repparttar 137866 manufacturer might take that milled log and run a draw-knife across it to make it look peeled. The type of finish is totally up torepparttar 137867 buyer.

CHINKING vs. CAULKING: Chinking is historically done to a hand-crafted log home in order to keeprepparttar 137868 wind from howling in betweenrepparttar 137869 logs. It looks like a broad white band between log courses. When cut by hand, logs can be scribed so that an upper log is shaped to matchrepparttar 137870 contours ofrepparttar 137871 log beneath it. However, not all logs are scribed; some just rest atoprepparttar 137872 log below, creating large gaps inrepparttar 137873 uneven surface. Either way, handcrafted log homes tend to be chinked, which was historically a mix of clay, sand, lime, mud, thatch, you name it, but is now an acrylic compound which expands and contracts withrepparttar 137874 wood. Some homes still require chinking, and others use chinking for aesthetic purposes.

Many milled log homes are actually caulked with an acrylic product designed for log homes. This comes out of a caulking gun, and creates a neat, finished look as well as protectingrepparttar 137875 seams from infiltration. We tend to caulk milled homes or do nothing at all between log courses, becauserepparttar 137876 joinery system is so tight that this step is not mandatory.

Every log home is unique, and each has its own personality. It's amazing how many different construction systems are available to create homes out of logs, and every style has its own characteristics. But overall, no matter what your log home looks like,repparttar 137877 cozy warmth of logs cannot be duplicated in any other kind of house.

Mercedes Hayes is a Hiawatha Log Home dealer and also a Realtor in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. She designed her own log home which was featured in the 2004 Floor Plan Guide of Log Home Living magazine. You can learn more about log homes by visiting www.JerseyLogHomes.com.

How to control Ants Without Poison

Written by Marilyn Pokorney

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Spray trash and recycling bins if ants are a problem there.

For anthills nearrepparttar house pour boiling water intorepparttar 137792 nest.

Once ants have enteredrepparttar 137793 house, other measures have to be taken. Pennyroyal, tansy, and mint leaves scattered on surfaces where ants are found can be used as a deterrent. Bay leaves broken in small pieces is also helpful.

Some people have found a mixture ofrepparttar 137794 following ingredients helpful in repelling ants. One cup water, one- fourth cup plus one tablespoon hot sauce,, one-fourth cut liquid soap, and one teaspoon spearmint of peppermint flavoring. Put in a spray bottle and spray where ants enterrepparttar 137795 house.

Washing down counters with an equal solution of vinegar and water is repulsive to ants.

Powdered cloves or red pepper sprinkled on surface where ants are found serves as an excellent repellant. Ants are extremely fastidious and will not return to where these hot spices can get on their feet and antennae.

If it not too inconvenient, sticky fly paper placed in strategic areas will capture crawling ants.

Perhaps one ofrepparttar 137796 most unusual substances used that discourages ants from pantry shelves are broken egg shells.

Lastly, clean up all food after eating for it isrepparttar 137797 crumbs that attractsrepparttar 137798 ants.

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Marilyn Pokorney Freelance writer of science, nature, animals and the environment. Also loves crafts, gardening, and reading. Website: http://www.apluswriting.net

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