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The Lily

Written by Simon Mitchell

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2000 years ago I was killed trying to save my mother from Portuguese raiders onrepparttar river, who stolerepparttar 147212 gold that came from Ireland. My story is located inrepparttar 147213 valley of one of these rivers, now called 'River Fowey'. It is a story that I have not been able to tell until now. My own story starts withrepparttar 147214 visit of Jesus of Nazareth torepparttar 147215 river Fowey in 30 AD (according torepparttar 147216 Julian Calendar and allowing for a seven year miscalculation). He was twenty-three years old. He journeyed on a vision quest torepparttar 147217 west-of-land, in search ofrepparttar 147218 wisdom ofrepparttar 147219 Keltii and union with his father spirit. I have spent much time thinking about this moment and my brief encounter with a man who claimed to be Son of God. For hundreds of years I puzzled at his smile,repparttar 147220 light in his gaze. He had a quality of being rare inrepparttar 147221 extreme, an utter and unconditional compassion for all life.

Who am I? A ghost; Fintan, born 2000 years ago and caught inrepparttar 147222 matrix of nature unable to tell my story until now. I am here in an ancient land, waiting for you to read my story.

The Lily: Episode 1 (fiction) by Simon Mitchell This is an extract from 'The Lily' - the first episode of an exciting and magical new Cornish novel. Order this story by visiting:

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