LET YOUR WEBSITE DO YOUR TALKING - How To Convert Your Voice To RealAudio On The Fly!

Written by Maria L. Schasteen

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To save your "message" permanently is as easy as assigning a 3-digit file ID number; then press save.

3. Now place a short HTML code onto your website. The HTML code featuresrepparttar 3-digit file ID number of your "message".

That's it! Its as easy as 1-2-3!

Call and leave a message. Save that message. Place a link onto your website.

Who can use a live message on his/her website?


* Fromrepparttar 134625 soft-whisperings-of-seduction sites torepparttar 134626 profound mission statement of a CEO.

* From a network marketer featuring real life testimonials, to a company selling "singing bowls".

* From a multi-million dollar online mall to a mom and pop operation.

Here is a real life example. Visit http://www.aroma-essence.com/aroma and listen to a "story". Enterrepparttar 134627 site and clickrepparttar 134628 "My Story" button. You will find many happy customers telling their own experiences! It's a heart-warming experience.

Imagine what this could do for your sales! Shouldn't you have your own "story" on your site?

To be competitive, everybody will need this interative audio button. Every webmaster can now offer this instant service for added revenues and customer satisfaction.

Maria L. Schasteen is webmaster of http://www.worlddirect.net/esa - ONE NUMBER for home, office, fax, pager, cell phone, voicemail, email globally! To contact Maria mailto:worlddirect@worlddirect.net


Written by windsong

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If your site is well laid out, and easy to navigate, in other words, user friendly, and you have more things on your site than what they have time for, chances are they will bookmark your site and will return at a later time. The more often they return,repparttar greaterrepparttar 134624 chances are that they will purchase one of your products or services. But remember this: repparttar 134625 content on your site must be interesting enough for them to want to return. If they don't see anything that looks interesting they will click away and you have lost them forever. Sorepparttar 134626 first and formost thing is to choose content carefully. Be sure that it is relevant torepparttar 134627 theme of your site. If your site is geared around health related products, then DON'T have resources geared towards web design. It just won't fly.

Keep graphics to a minimum. Remember that these surfers are very impatient. They want a page to load fast. Graphics slow it down considerably. If you use images on your site, be sure to optimize them. You can reduce most graphic files to about 1/2 their size. This does not affectrepparttar 134628 size ofrepparttar 134629 graphic, justrepparttar 134630 file. Some graphics optimizers can be found at: http://marketing-resources.com/utilities.html

If your main page is lengthy and takes a while to load, you may need to break it up into 2 or more pages. Be sure each page in your site has links to ALLrepparttar 134631 other pages. Make navigation easy. This will encourage surfers to check out all of your site, or at leastrepparttar 134632 areas that they came there for inrepparttar 134633 first place. Then, hopefully, they will bookmark it as a useful resource. But you must have content that they will want to come back for.

How do you find content for your site? Easy. Surfrepparttar 134634 web. Spend some time searching out useful sites. The internet is an educational experience. Get out there and explore. Use it to your advantage. You will soon have a site that people want to go to. Keep them coming back. Many of them will buy your products or services. Keep updating your site so it never, ever becomes stale. Keep those surfers happy. See you at repparttar 134635 bank!

windsong is the webmaster/publisher Marketing Resources where you will find marketing and promotional resources. http://marketing-resources.com/ Subscribe to windsong's free e-zine: All About Web Profits!(tm) Send a blank email to: mailto:AllAboutWebProfits-subscribe@onelist.com

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