Kwai Valor

Written by Terry Dashner

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This begsrepparttar question: Why do some stories move us to ponder while others bore us to tears? I believe it is because something deep inside of every person cries out, “Who can step up to help me?” I believe there is a deep hole in every living person that can only be filled up byrepparttar 132207 One who created and wants to help us. When I read a story such as Gordon’s, I seerepparttar 132208 incomprehensible love of God for His pitiful creature—me.

I stand in amazement at Jesusrepparttar 132209 Nazarene, so goesrepparttar 132210 old holiness hymn of my youth. You and I were made to ponderrepparttar 132211 great love of our God. In pondering we are broken. In contrition we are by His hands lifted. Being lifted we are helped to deliverance. He has delivered my soul from fear of abandonment. Jesus has come to me and helped me. Therefore I am satisfied. Yes, I am satisfied with Jesus—how about you? Pastor T.

Pastors a small church in Broken Arrow, OK. Writes daily devotions for his congregation.

Spring! Time for Love and New Beginnings

Written by Linda Reeves

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The flowerbed has always been there, but like any growing thing it needs to be nurtured and cultivated. Till your garden, pluck outrepparttar weeds, and blossom into a heart open to love and friendship. Be open to all possibilities, it is more than opening your heart, you must open your mind as well to new experiences, new people, new possibilities.

Spring is our opportunity every year to begin again, it is not a resolution, it is a cleansing of all that has been pushed torepparttar 132206 back, openrepparttar 132207 doors and windows to your heart and find what has been waiting there all along.

It is inrepparttar 132208 air, catch it, make it your own, take what is there and let life and love happen, it will when you reveal all that is beneathrepparttar 132209 soil to grow and thrive.

Spread your wings this year, fly with no fear, be all that you know you are and can be. Make it happen!

Linda Reeves is an advice cloumnist for a free dating site. She is 47 years old and lives in the American Midwest.

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