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Written by Jesse S. Somer

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There is also a current events section that reads a lot like a newspaper but is actually written by people fromrepparttar general community in a kind of blog format. This is a step forward in hearingrepparttar 142930 whole story about an event. You can look at previous dates like an archive that sure beats having to keep your old newspapers.

There are also some Ďsisterí projects being constructed byrepparttar 142931 Wikipedia group such asrepparttar 142932 Wiktionary (dictionary and thesaurus), Wikibooks (free textbooks and manuals), Wikiquote (collection of quotations), Wikisource (free source documents), Wikispecies (directory of species), Wikinews (free content news source), Commons (shared media), and Meta-Wiki (Wikimedia).

Inrepparttar 142933 siteís Community Portal section they actively ask visitors to help research specific topics as well work in collaborations. They need people to copy-edit articles as well as expanding, cleaning up and updating pages. I think it is a definite opportunity for people who would like to be writers, researchers, editors andrepparttar 142934 like to get some real practice in their preferred trade.

ďImagine a world in which every person has free access torepparttar 142935 sum of all human knowledge. That's what we're doing.Ē This is Wikipediaís message and itís quite an altruistic one. As they are a non-profit organisation they rely on participantsí donations to buy servers and bandwidth, discspace etc that they need to keep up withrepparttar 142936 growing amount of users. So, if you think itís a great idea, get onrepparttar 142937 boat, tell us what you know, and share your wealth with all.

Jesse S. Somer M6.Net Jesse S. Somer likes the idea of a world working and learning together as one with truth and knowledge seen as the greatest commodoties. Love and compassion are pretty imporatant too, how will we incorporate them into an encyclopedia?

Search Engine Optimization - A Do-It-Yourself Guide for the Small Business Owner

Written by Colleen Happ

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4. META Tags. This may sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but it is very simple code that should be included in your site because its makes it more inviting torepparttar search engine spiders that crawlrepparttar 142870 internet.

5. Donít Cheat. Donít try to Ďspamírepparttar 142871 search engines by including invisible keywords repeated hundreds of times or by repeating key words in META tags. The engines are getting smart and will penalize you for this. They may even drop your site all together.

6. Patience, Patience, Patience! It can take weeks forrepparttar 142872 search engines to re-index and re-rank your site once you have made changes or if you have a new site. Search engines are smart, but they taken time to sort throughrepparttar 142873 vast amounts of information thatís thrown at them. If you are patient, you will see results.

7. Many ofrepparttar 142874 major search engines still include a free submission section for their listings. It may take 6-8 weeks (or more) for your listings to show up, but Google, AltaVista and Yahoo still accept free submissions. Since search engine rank is key for success onrepparttar 142875 internet, you may want to budget for search engine optimization and consider paid listings (Yahoo), or pay-per-click advertising on Google.

Good web design is a balance between what looks great and optimizing your site for search engines. Your content must be good enough so that other sites want to link to it while atrepparttar 142876 same time include key search words that will draw potential customers. You also need to have your site built correctly and takerepparttar 142877 time to manage it and keep it fresh. Now you are well on your way to having a high ranking website on Google. Good luck!

Colleen Happ designs effective and affordable websites and graphics. Her portfolio can be viewed at She offers free one hour consultations to show how an effective website can benefit your business.

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