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Written by Pawan Bangar,Technical Director,Birbals,India.

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Windows 98 creates a file system called FAT32 onrepparttar entire hard disk, DOS and Win95 use FAT16. Linux has many file systems-onrepparttar 107780 most popular is ext3. But you could have Linux installed on Fat32 partitions also.

Linux is geeky and based on text command

Linux has come a long way from beingrepparttar 107781 system of geeks. It has an extremely advanced X Windows systems that has a complete graphical user interface-you know, like Windows. It also has a large number of window manager that let you work with different levels of customization of your desktop. Linux has a robust character-cell interface where commands need to be typed in. x Windows is a free program that runs with Linux to provide a GUI whererepparttar 107782 mouse and keyboard can be used extensively. Butrepparttar 107783 X system itself is quite primitive and needs a window manager, or a desktop environment- like GNOME or KDE- to be really usable. Window managers are programs that let you interact withrepparttar 107784 underlying X system and LinuxOS by relaying commands. The popular window managers are Sawfish, Enlightenment, Black box, after step and Window maker. As for desktop managers, they have their own window manager and other tools that make you feel that you are working in Window! GNOME and KDE arerepparttar 107785 most popular of these. GNOME stands for GNU Network Model Environment and KDE for K desktop Environment. They have tools that allow drag and drop, have panels and taskbar- almost like clones of windows.

Hardware compatibility problem and few applications that run on Linux

Well, most new distributions will detect and configure your hardware in a jiffy, unless you have some really old or exotic piece of hardware. Only Win modems (internal modems driven by Window drivers) face problems.

As for software, there's plenty. And most of it comes free-free for you to use, modify and configure according to your needs. Other packages are commercial and you have to buyrepparttar 107786 software-but this is mostly forrepparttar 107787 software and training you need, and not forrepparttar 107788 support and training you need, and not forrepparttar 107789 software itself. Sometimes, if you haverepparttar 107790 Windows version (as a doom) you can download a small program that will allow you to playrepparttar 107791 game in Linux. Here what's available? Office suites: Star Office, Open Office, Applixware, Corel WordPerfect Graphics: GIMP, Corel Photo paint Music: XMMS, Free amp, Real Player Video: MTV, Xine Games: FreeCiv, Tux racer, Doom, Quake, Heretic, Unreal Andrepparttar 107792 list is growing.

Linux varieties:

•Debian : One ofrepparttar 107793 oldest and still most popular distros is Debian. This Project is a voluntary effort of a team of programmers who developedrepparttar 107794 GNU system. Debian is not very easy to install, and that has been its problem, Debian also has its own software comes with a. DEB extension. Updating and installing new software is very easy. The applications bundled with Debian are great for even a power user. •RedHat: Probablyrepparttar 107795 most popular and in many waysrepparttar 107796 leading distro. It's currently in version 8. The installation and configuration is easy. A blue curve file manager andrepparttar 107797 default GNOME desktop make it look simply stunning. It comes with a host of tools that allow usage as a server and as a workstation. The Red Hat Package Manger(RPM) format developed by Red Hat has almost becomerepparttar 107798 defector for software distribution in Linux world. Installing new software is a breeze. It also has an advanced and easy font management system that makes fonts in X Windows look cool. But beingrepparttar 107799 leader comes at a price. Red Hat charges a little more than others for its istro. •Mandrake: Mandrake Linux is now in its 9 version. This distro can be installed on a native Windows Partition usingrepparttar 107800 Lin4Win tool, but this may slowrepparttar 107801 machine down. It also lets you do a traditional Linux install into its own dedicated partition. Mandrake's configuration and software installation is painless. It follows a slightly modified RPM architecture called mdk.rpm but most Red Hat software can also be used for Mandrake. The outstanding feature in this distro isrepparttar 107802 collection of window managers-eye-candy freaks will have a great time. •SUSE : From Germany comesrepparttar 107803 Chameleon Distro, SUSE. Now in its 8.1 avatar, it has one ofrepparttar 107804 most extensive software packages compiled, and getting them installed is easy with yast (Yet another Software Tool) which gives a centralized interface from where you can pick and chooserepparttar 107805 software to be installed. Among other things, SUSE comes with some stunning 3D games that showcase Linux's gamming prowess. •Corel/Xandross : Corel enteredrepparttar 107806 Linux distro market with Corel Linux a few years ago. Now it has merged into Xandross OS, which is based on Corel Linux. This is a Debian-type distro, and can be installed without much fuss after resizingrepparttar 107807 Windows partition. Xandross contains Crossover office, which is a refined retail version of WINE that lets you install and run many Microsoft apps.

Windows applications in Linux

Some applications have been ported over to Linux, other run with a program called WINE (Wine is Not an Emulator). Crossover, commercially available software also lets you use your Windows programs Linux. VMWare is another program that lets you run Windows under Linux.

Bottom Line:

The cool thing about Linux is that most software is free, and you can legitimately use them without worrying about piracy. If you're worried that Linux won‘t look as pretty as windows can, all you have to do is check out some ofrepparttar 107808 cool Linux interfaces and Window managers. But you don't find a lot of multimedia titles for Linux. And if you're into a lot of these, Windows inrepparttar 107809 way to go. So if you have a PC that runs both, you can easily switch betweenrepparttar 107810 two, and getrepparttar 107811 best of both worlds.

Pawan bangar, Technical Director, Birbals, India.

An Easy way to Deal with Email Viruses and Worms

Written by Heather Dickson

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That movie Wicked screensaver Your application Approved My details Details Your details Thank you

A new box will pop up that says, "search text" atrepparttar top. Enter one ofrepparttar 107779 phrases you want to filter out and click "add". You may enter as many phrases as you'd like, clicking "add" after each one. When you're finished, click "Ok". You'll be taken back torepparttar 107780 previous box. Click "next" atrepparttar 107781 bottom.

At this point, you have two choices. You can either specify that these emails go into your

delete file to be reviewed later, or you can specify that they be permanently deleted from Outlook so that you never see them. At this point, either click inrepparttar 107782 box next to "delete it", which simply moves it automatically torepparttar 107783 delete folder, or click "permanently delete", which means that you will never seerepparttar 107784 email at all and won't be able to get it back.

Click "next" again and you're now atrepparttar 107785 exceptions box. I can see no reason to userepparttar 107786 exceptions when dealing withrepparttar 107787 Sobig viruses and others like it. There might be a temptation to make an exception for people who are in your address book or close friends. But remember, a virus will take over someone else's address book and send you emails withoutrepparttar 107788 person ever knowing. Anyone in your address book could send you an infected email without knowing it. I recommend that you hit “next” without selecting any exceptions at this point.

Inrepparttar 107789 next box,repparttar 107790 program would like to knowrepparttar 107791 name ofrepparttar 107792 rule you've just created. You might want to call it "viruses #1" or something similar. Click finish after naming your rule. At this point you have another choice: you can applyrepparttar 107793 rule you just created torepparttar 107794 mail already in your inbox, or you can choose to have it apply only torepparttar 107795 incoming mail from now on. Choose either "run now" or "ok".

You're finished. That wasn't SO hard, was it? You might even want to set up some more rules to help you organize your inbox or to filter out spam or unwanted email.

------------------- Some more information about attachments and viruses/worms: Email viruses and worms almost always are transmitted through attachments. Remember afterrepparttar 107796 Anthrax scare inrepparttar 107797 US a couple of years ago when everyone was very picky about what mail they accepted and opened? Anything that looked suspicious or didn't have a return address wasn't opened. Think about attachments inrepparttar 107798 same way. If you get email from someone you don't know, don't openrepparttar 107799 attachment! Ifrepparttar 107800 email doesn't say anything personal to you or use your real name, don't openrepparttar 107801 attachment. You can always send an email back to that person asking them about who they are or whatrepparttar 107802 attachment is for if you're in doubt.

What you need to know aboutrepparttar 107803 difference between spam and viruses: Recently online I've seen a couple of people referring torepparttar 107804 emails they get from viruses as spam. If you want to impress your friends and coworkers with your technological savvy, you need to know that spam is unwanted and unsolicited email you get for a commercial purpose. The intention ofrepparttar 107805 email is commercial. Someone wants you to buy something, be a part of their program or visit their website. Email you get because of viruses is technically not spam. Although it is unwanted, its intention is not to advertise or market anything, it’s simply a nuisance created by someone with too much time on his or her hands! Also keep in mind that viruses commonly get into people's address books and send out automatic emails to everyone onrepparttar 107806 list. Your friends and relatives are not sending you infected email on purpose.

Heather Dickson is a Virtual Assistant and owner of, and is a member of the International Virtual Assistants Association who specializes in administrative support including writing, editing, proofreading, customer service, and data base creation.

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