Know Your Scooter

Written by Jean Butler

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Gently steer into your turn without any jerky motions. Adjust your balance to keeprepparttar scooter upright. Always approach turns very carefully.

Front brakes provide most of your stopping power. Practice at a safe speed until you are comfortable with how they work.

Ride your scooter in a safe place away from other vehicles and in an area which will not disturb other people or animals. Be surerepparttar 146375 riding area is a clean and dry surface. Do not ride in high traffic areas.

Scooting can be a useful, safe and fun way to get around town!

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Will Britain Ever Produce a 9 Ball World Champion?

Written by P. Williams

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The next thing is to get it on terrestrial TV. Tournaments should be made to look glamorous and allowed to filter into a mass market, this isrepparttar only way of making it grow. Players like I have mentioned above should be turned into stars to enable a new crop of youngters to participate inrepparttar 146232 game and become a future champion.

Players should be given help with expenses fromrepparttar 146233 professional bodies to help fund a trip torepparttar 146234 World Championships. Why make a player struggle to makerepparttar 146235 trip or even pull out because they cannot fundrepparttar 146236 trip themselves? As a nation we should be proud of these players and support them to reach their own goals, these players only further enhance and promoterepparttar 146237 game of 9-ball. Surely this is a good advertisement forrepparttar 146238 UK?

In order to succeedrepparttar 146239 UK needs one ranking list, it should be an elite list of around 48 players with promotion and relegation betweenrepparttar 146240 elite andrepparttar 146241 next level. This will increase standards as players will not want to lose a place inrepparttar 146242 elite and onrepparttar 146243 other hand players inrepparttar 146244 lower level will be striving to reachrepparttar 146245 elite. With a small investment from sponsors this is possible. The elite group should have entry fees of 50 with around 1000 coming from sponsors. This would make prize funds around 3400. The lower level should have reduced entry fees of around 25 and all entry fees should be paid out with no added money.

I really feel thatthe UK hasrepparttar 146246 talent to win a world title but it needsrepparttar 146247 support of players, sponsors, fans and most importantlyrepparttar 146248 professional bodies.

P. Williams has been involved in the cue sports industry for around 6 years first as a player and now as his living. Visit href="" rel="nofollow"

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