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Written by Pawan Bangar,Birbals,India

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Like HTML, both Netscape and Microsoft browsers support XML. As XML files are text files, it becomes easier for a programmer to debug application. But atrepparttar same time, being in a text format, XML files are always larger than comparable binary formats. XML is a family of technologies. XLINK is one of them, which describe a standard way to add hyperlink to an XML file. XPOINTER and XFRAGMENTS are syntaxes for pointing to parts of an XML document. XSL is an advanced language for expressing style sheets. We can also use cascading style sheets (CCS) as we do in HTML. XML NAMSPACE is a specification that describe how to associate a URL wit every single tag. XML SCHEMAS help to definerepparttar 107782 XML-based formats.

DOM is a standard set of function called for manipulating XML files from a programming language. Math ML is a describing mathematic as a basis for machine communication. With adequate style-sheet support would ultimately be possible for browsers to natively render mathematical expression, which is not possible in HTML. XML encryption is a process name for encrypting and decrypting digital content. XML signatures provide integrity, message authentication for data of any type. These things are extensively used for providing security in applications.

XML protocol used to develop technologies that allow two or more peers to communicate in distributed environment, using XML as its encapsulation language. Nowadays we can find a number of quality sites made by using XML. Use of XML can also be seen in B2B portals and it is also used in WAP development. WML (Wire-less Markup Language) is derived from XML, which playsrepparttar 107783 primary role inrepparttar 107784 development of WAP application.

The most novel features of XML is that it is able to express complex data structure, and even distributed action, in terms of simple, punctuated stream of text. Any network component newer thanrepparttar 107785 Abacus can send and receive XML; almost any processor has sufficient power to parse it. XML is license free, platform independent and well supported. Visual Studio .NET, Hailstorm, .NET platform, latest products from Microsoft, are fully compatible with XML.

Many companies are using this language according to their needs. As this language can be used for various objectives, it can be seen on various platforms, in combination with different languages. XML is a key torepparttar 107786 next-generation Internet, offering a way to unlock information so that it can be organised, programmed and edited ----a way to distribute data in more useful ways to variety of digital devices and allowing web sites to collaborate. Today XML is a young child developing various aspects of its personality; which of these would berepparttar 107787 dominating trait to give it its final adult character could be anybody's guess.

Pawan Bangar, Technical Director , Birbals, India

That Darned Old Internet Gateway!

Written by David Morse

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The steps she had me do were:

1.Shutdown all computers, unplugrepparttar power fromrepparttar 107781 router, and then unplugrepparttar 107782 power fromrepparttar 107783 cable modem. 2.Wait approximately two minutes. 3.Plugrepparttar 107784 power back in onrepparttar 107785 cable modem and wait forrepparttar 107786 connection light to go solid, indicating I have a connection to my provider. 4.Plugrepparttar 107787 power back in onrepparttar 107788 router. 5.Afterrepparttar 107789 diagnostic light onrepparttar 107790 router goes off, using a pen or such, pressrepparttar 107791 reset button onrepparttar 107792 back ofrepparttar 107793 router for about 3 seconds or until you seerepparttar 107794 diagnostic light come back on. (This will reset all your current configs torepparttar 107795 factory default.) 6.Whenrepparttar 107796 diagnostic light goes off once again, then bootrepparttar 107797 computer.

It seemed like I had previously performed all these steps, but I believe I missedrepparttar 107798 router hardware reset BEFORE I turned on any computers. That must have donerepparttar 107799 trick. Anyway, I thanked her very much and told her to have a nice day.

I was quite upset that I could cause that to happen by disabling something on my laptop though so I decided to find out some more about this Internet Gateway.

It seems thatrepparttar 107800 Internet Gateway Device Discovery is tied to Universal Plug and Play (UPnP). UPnP wasrepparttar 107801 first major setback to Microsoft’s claim that Windows XP isrepparttar 107802 most secure Windows yet. Another one ofrepparttar 107803 infamous “buffer overflow” exploits seemed to call for yet another security patch whenrepparttar 107804 operating system was still brand new.

If you are sure you do not need these features I would recommend uninstalling them. If you are on a network, check with your administrator on whether these features are necessary.

To uninstall these features follow these instructions:

1.Go to Start—> Settings—> Control Panel—> Add or Remove Programs, then click on Add/Remove Windows Components inrepparttar 107805 left-hand column. Whenrepparttar 107806 Windows Components window comes up, scroll down and click onrepparttar 107807 Network Services line, and then click Details. 2.Do you see Internet Gateway Device Discovery and Control Client selected? If so, clear that check box. 3.Do you see RIP Listener selected? If so, clear that check box. 4.Do you see Simple TCP/IP Services selected? If so, clear that check box. 5.Do you see Universal Plug and Play selected? If so, clear that check box. 6.Click Next, as needed, to get to Finish.

Windows XP seems a much bigger and yes, better (in some ways) beast than previous Microsoft Operating Systems. Just be careful when clicking around in it. Make sure you understand what you are doing BEFORE you do it so you do not render part of your system inoperable. If unsure about a feature you can look it up inrepparttar 107808 Windows Help (Press F1) or on Microsoft’s Knowledgebase at:

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