Know These Five Audiences to Write a Top Selling Book

Written by Judy Cullins

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4. The Massive Passionate Audience.

These arerepparttar readers ofrepparttar 127229 Chicken Soup series. Think about repparttar 127230 70 million plus sold so far, andrepparttar 127231 authors didn't even have to writerepparttar 127232 book. Full of inspirational short stores, this audience responded well. The authors, did however, put on a full-blown marketing campaign for years.

Your book will have a lot of competition in this category, yetrepparttar 127233 sheer volume of sales likerepparttar 127234 70 million who shop Wal-Mart every day can make up for that. One client wrote a how-to book aimed atrepparttar 127235 now 70 million baby boomers out there called "Put Old on Hold." She's an inspiration herself--looks and feels like 50.

Think about your book. Is one aim to entertain and inspire?

5. The Online Audience of Millions

If you are like me, you love your book(s) and want others to benefit from reading it. But, if you are discouraged atrepparttar 127236 number of sales through traditional methods, you may want to considerrepparttar 127237 Internet.

First, when you write for Online, you can offer your print book electronically, now known as an eBook. You need make only a few changes such as shortening up your chapter, paragraph and sentence length. Busy people who shop Online want their information concise, clear, and cohesive. They don't need long stories to learn a point.

This audience is more than happy to download and print out chapters of your book. They will appreciate your book in 81/2 by 11" form or other, and think total page length up to 99 acceptable. The savvy author can make many more sales by dividing and conquering. A 15 page chapter can become a short eBook. You also have a built in promotion machine in your book, because you excerpt short pieces to submit to Online ezines and Web sites as this article excerpt fromrepparttar 127238 eBook.

E advantages include no telling or selling in person, no travel, more convenience such as instant delivery and reaching greater numbers of your target audience. The author keeps allrepparttar 127239 profits, and doesn't have to package and mail. His faster sales bring him marketing and promotion money--where most authors don't usually succeed. He can invest in books, seminars, coaching, or teleclasses to bring him up to speed.

Every day you can reach 1000's, even hundreds of thousands, using simple Online promotion techniques. Here you can sell your book through subtle forms such asrepparttar 127240 free article or ezine. The varied Online audiences including personal growth and business want free information. Your book sales will multiply fast because in every email you send out, you include your signature file that leads people to where you sell your book.

Evenrepparttar 127241 newbie or non-techie like myself can benefit from writing forrepparttar 127242 Online audience.

Use these "know your book audience" tips and examples to write compelling copy that will guarantee your writing adventure a true success. Your audience awaits!

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7 Cheap & Easy Ways To Get Prospects

Written by Mike Burstein

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4. Make a sample of your product available from your autoresponder. (i.e. If you're selling an eBook have a chapter available for free.)

5. Deliver a free informational eCourse by email through your autoresponder.

6. Create an outline of your site for visitors in a hurry to haverepparttar information emailed to them by autoresponder.

7. Run a free drawing and have visitors email their entry to your autoresponder.

The key to all of these strategies isrepparttar 127228 autoresponder. Don't fail to utilize this tool no matter what type of business you own.

Mike Burstein has been writing for the SOHO and Small Business market for over 10 years. He has helped countless small business owners solve start up problems, create best practices, automate their offices, get free publicity and dramatically increase traffic and sales.

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