Know-How Engineering of Chromatography

Written by Aram Hayrapetyan

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absence of manufacturers and mass consumers of chromatographic equipments inrepparttar country;

absence of logical sense for buying Armenian patent in view of its extremely limited territorial and economic influence on analytical devices market byrepparttar 125492 use of new basic technology of chromatography - chromabarography.

Consequently nobody buys them atrepparttar 125493 sum which one could get from European and/or patents of USA, Japan and other developed countries.

But there are no sufficient means to get patents of these countries. For information:repparttar 125494 procedure of patenting in USA only lasts 2(two) years and demands a sum of 8.000 - 30.000 American "rubles"!

However versions may be considered. Onrepparttar 125495 basis ofrepparttar 125496 contract and/orrepparttar 125497 license agreements to carry outrepparttar 125498 joint patenting ofrepparttar 125499 new technical solutions ofrepparttar 125500 basic technology - Chromabarography, and before getting patents inrepparttar 125501 developed countries, t r a n s m i t : patentable technical solutions; patent-owner's right; author's right. MY GOAL IS YOUR GOAL... KNOW-HOW and ENGINEERING inrepparttar 125502 creation of CHROMABAROGRAPHY atrepparttar 125503 level of inventions of new modifications with an effective synergism.

Joint patenting of new technical solutions with leading firms in USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany,repparttar 125504 Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Czech Republic, Japan, South Korea, China, Russia and others interested in this field.

I would be happy if you considered it convenient to express your opinion or showed an interest in a joint patenting inrepparttar 125505 new basic technology of Chromatography - Chromabarography in countries at your choice.

Performance of temporary or permanent, includingrepparttar 125506 Joint Venture form, managing, industrial, patent-licensing (all kinds of works, as well as evaluation and defense ofrepparttar 125507 right of industrial intellectual ownership), research and innovation works. Attention! Proposingrepparttar 125508 modern technology by "switching on"repparttar 125509 electronic market of Internet, I am ready to discuss with you any question inrepparttar 125510 frame ofrepparttar 125511 information postulated onrepparttar 125512 site.

I am surerepparttar 125513 new basic technology of chromatography - Chromabarography - will be useful not only as a high - efficiency method (Hayrapetyan's Effect) of analysis, but will also enrich it as a scientific discipline. P. S. C h r o m a b a r o g r a p h y The best solution for Your business An insignificant work with a significant e c o n o m y. Your success is my profession.

ARAM HAYRAPETYAN Born 17 May 1945, married, two children. Daughter born 1972, married. Son born 1977. 47/6 Vardanants Street, Vanadzor 377201, Republic of Armenia, E-mail: Web-site: HTTP://CHROMATOGRAPHY.HOTBOX.RU

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