King Narmer

Written by Dr. Sherin Elkhawaga

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Narmer may have considered Buto asrepparttar central capital ofrepparttar 109433 Delta he had just conquered. On his palette is a hieroglyphic group that could be read as Ta Mehu,repparttar 109434 later name forrepparttar 109435 Delta region. Since Narmer is shown withrepparttar 109436 Red Crown he was thusrepparttar 109437 first to ascribe this Crown torepparttar 109438 entire Delta and thus Lower Egypt. He may have transferredrepparttar 109439 Red Crown from Nubt/Naqada to representrepparttar 109440 entirety of Lower Egypt. The Narmer macehead, also discovered at Hierakonpolis, has had three interpretations. Petrie's theory, also held by later scholars, was thatrepparttar 109441 mace head depictedrepparttar 109442 political marriage of Nithotep, princess ofrepparttar 109443 north, with Narmer. Other scholars feelrepparttar 109444 macehead depicts a celebration by Narmer of his conquest ofrepparttar 109445 north, while still others regardrepparttar 109446 macehead as commemorating a Sed-festival ofrepparttar 109447 king. Nithotep's grave has been found at Naqada, with Narmer's name as well as with King Aha's name. Nithotep thus is linked with two kings as wife and mother. Most recently, new studies ofrepparttar 109448 images onrepparttar 109449 macehead put forthrepparttar 109450 theory thatrepparttar 109451 scenes are not primarily commemorative but are simply pictorial versions of year-names. The focus ofrepparttar 109452 scene isrepparttar 109453 king's figure, seen sitting robed in a long cloak enthroned under a canopy on a high dais, wearingrepparttar 109454 Red Crown and holding a flail. The enclosure within which he sits can be interpreted as a shrine or temple. He is attended by minor figures of fan-bearers, bodyguards, with long quarterslaves and an official who may be either vizier or heir-apparent. In front of Narmer three men run a race towards him, while above them stands four men carrying standards. Facingrepparttar 109455 king is a cloaked and beardless figure, over whom is a simple enclosure in which stands a cow and calf .

The running figures may represent Muu dancers, long associated with Buto, presenting a welcome torepparttar 109456 new lord ofrepparttar 109457 Delta. The seated figure facing Narmer may berepparttar 109458 chief of Buto rather than a princess ofrepparttar 109459 Delta. Beneath these figures are symbols of numbers. The numbers have been recently interpreted to indicate 400,000 cattle, 1,422,000 small animals, and 120,000 men (not women and children, only males.) This would have provided for a total human population ofrepparttar 109460 Delta of perhaps 600,000. The macehead then commemoratesrepparttar 109461 completion ofrepparttar 109462 conquest of Lower Egypt, not with a royal dynastic marriage etc, but perhaps, withrepparttar 109463 first Appearance ofrepparttar 109464 King of Lower Egypt, by an actual census ofrepparttar 109465 Delta people, similar to and a precursor ofrepparttar 109466 census taken by Williamrepparttar 109467 Conqueror after he won England. Some scholars speculate that Menes and Narmer may berepparttar 109468 same person. Menes isrepparttar 109469 Greek form ofrepparttar 109470 name ofrepparttar 109471 legendary first human king of Egypt as given by Manetho,repparttar 109472 historian living in Hellenistic times who constructed one form of King Lists. Hor-Aha,repparttar 109473 first king ofrepparttar 109474 First Dynasty and thus Narmer's probable successor and possibly his son by Queen Nithotep, perhaps tookrepparttar 109475 second royal name of Men, which means "established", thus beingrepparttar 109476 origin ofrepparttar 109477 name Menes. Evidence indicating all this is an ivory label fromrepparttar 109478 tomb of Queen Nithotep at Naqada. It showsrepparttar 109479 name Hor-Aha, andrepparttar 109480 name Men, in front of it.

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How to use anchoring for accelerated learning

Written by Stelios C. Perdios

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You could easily learn how to anchor resourceful states of mind in your self, and in your pupils and colleagues. What if you could anchorrepparttar alpha state onto your thumb or a pupilís thumb? The Alpha State is considered very important for accelerated learning. Scientific evidence shows that listening to music recorded at around sixty beats per minute is conducive to achieving a state of relaxed alertness, free from stress. In this state, you are enabled to learn new concepts and skills far more easily. Classical music by Mozart and baroque pieces are often played to inducerepparttar 109432 alpha state for teaching or training or for personal learning. You could learn how to anchorrepparttar 109433 alpha state so that a simple stimulus could accelerate your learning andrepparttar 109434 learning of others.

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