Killer Sales Copy Formula

Written by Al Martinovic

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Problem - Agitation - Solution

And don't be afraid of how long your sales copy is either. Write as long as necessary to explain everything.

If a person doesn't takerepparttar time to read long sales copy, it is a good bet they weren't interested in your product or service anyway.

Because if they were, they would try to find out as much information as they can before making a purchase.

A good book that I recommend you pick up on creating effective sales copy is by Dan S. Kennedy called The Ultimate Sales Letter.

It hasrepparttar 108168 formula I mentioned and many more in it. You can find it at most off/online bookstores.

And remember, you can learn all you want but it only becomes effective when you apply what you learned.

Repeat after me... learn and apply... learn and apply....

Al Martinovic is the owner of I Need which markets membership into the OTDirect Buyers Club so smokers can Save/Make money on cigarettes.

Is It Time For A Copy Facelift?

Written by Karon Thackston

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Any number of aspects can cause a change in focus for your target customer, and therefore a need to rewrite your copy. Here are some ofrepparttar more common ones for businesses:

意ew tax laws 意ew mandatory expenses (such as a postage increase) 惹tarting a new business 嵩losing a business 惹tock price increase 惹tock price decrease

Business to consumer sales can be affected, too. Personal circumstances that change every day include:

媲uying a new home 愛etiring 廉etting married 廉etting divorced 廈aving a baby 愛eceiving a tax refund 愛eceiving an inheritance

What do I recommend? Twice a year, take a good, long look at your copy. What has changed in your marketplace? What laws, regulations, or events have been implemented or have taken place? Will these things have an impact on your customers? How will you respond to them?

Take that information and compare it to what your current copy says. Is your message clear? Are there benefits you need to update or change? Is your copy still makingrepparttar 108167 most positive impact on your potential customers that it can?

If not, dont hesitate to make changes. After all, your copy is your key to new customers and repeat customers. And, as I said inrepparttar 108168 beginning, hardly any copy will last forever. Eventually, everybody is due for a copy facelift.

Most buying decisions are emotional. Your ad copy should be, too! Let Karon write targeted copy and ezine articles for you. Visit her site at, or learn to write your own copy at

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