Killer Copy - What is it and how you can MASTER the Art!

Written by Chuck Crawley

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If you can't find these benefits inrepparttar product or service that you are presently promoting, then drop it and find one that does. Don't waste your time on a product or service that does not meetrepparttar 129889 qualification for Persuasive Copy.

Why not CREATE your OWN product or service? You can createrepparttar 129890 Ultimate product that would contain all ofrepparttar 129891 benefits ofrepparttar 129892 Persuasive Copy definition. An Info product or a service that you are already familiar with or have some degree of expertise. With your OWN product you are in control. Sculpture it to fitrepparttar 129893 attributes of Persuasive Copy.

Here's a tip on how you can learn how to write Persuasive Copy. Business Opportunity magazines are good sources of Persuasive Copy materials. Seek them out and read them several times a week. Reading persuasive copy will train your mind to write irresistible copy. To reinforce this action you should also copyrepparttar 129894 material out in your own handwriting. Sounds like hard work butrepparttar 129895 rewards can be overwhelming. Set aside a little time each week to teach your mind how to write Persuasive Copy.

Killer Copy or Persuasive Copy, you decide. Start now to dedicate a majority of your Internet marketing time to learning how to create this Ultimate weapon. Now that you know what it's all about use this information to create copy that NO ONE can resist.

Chuck Crawley is editor of the ADSTPLC Newsletter and Webmaster of the KILLER ADS SITE. Writing Persuasive Copy is a art that you can easily possess with the right learning tools. Here are a few powerful writing tools that will get your there.

Do Writers Need Web Sites?

Written by C.S. Paquin

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Finally, once established, a Web site can provide secondary income to your actual writing. You might decide to publish a weekly column and set up an e-mail list of subscribers. With enough subscribers on your list, advertisers WILL want to pay you to reach your audience. Or you get a book accepted by a publisher . well of course you'll want to sell a few copies from your site.

Of course, not everyone has Web design skills, or planned a Web presence in their budget (which, in my case was about $0.00). But do not be deterred. You don't need to register a domain name though it does help. A domain name looks better than a long URL and you have an e-mail address that staysrepparttar same.

You can also choose to use space on another domain name -- often a far cheaper option than getting your own domain and paying server-hosting fees.

If you really, really can't put an HTML page together (and withrepparttar 129888 software packaged withrepparttar 129889 major browsers, it's easy to make simple pages), consider trading services with a budding designer. Onlyrepparttar 129890 other night on an e-mail list I subscribe to, a Web designer requested help with writing a press release. She couldn't afford to pay anyone to write it, and would happily have traded HTML services for a well-written release.

C.S. Paquin is a nationally published writer in both the business and humor markets. Cheryl has a Master Of Arts in Journalism and has been writing freelance for over five years. She contributes regularly to regional publications in Minnesota. She is the owner and editor of, a site for creative nonfiction and essay writers.

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