Killer Copy: Words That Are Like Magnets to Money

Written by David Garfinkel

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Despite its stunningly bold claims,repparttar ad comes across as very believable and has generated a record-breaking parade of new clients.

3. Ask for action. The investigator's sales letter to divorce lawyers, beginning "Why almost every financial statement in family court may not discloserepparttar 150266 full net worth ofrepparttar 150267 opposing spouse," ends this way:

"I would like to meet with you at no charge to show you how I can be of service to you and your clients in future family law cases.

"Please call me at your convenience so we can set up a meeting to discuss further how I can assist your clients recover their fair share of assets. Call me directly at xxx - xxx-xxxx."

Killer copy always asks for action inrepparttar 150268 most powerful way possible. Notice howrepparttar 150269 above words spell out exactly what to do, and even make a big promise - thatrepparttar 150270 lawyer readingrepparttar 150271 letter will recover more money in court for their clients (and, therefore, get more money themselves).

As you can see, a few words of killer copy can lead to massive amounts of money. In fact, many people say writing killer copy isrepparttar 150272 single most valuable money-making skill inrepparttar 150273 world.

And recently, writing copy was named as one ofrepparttar 150274 top 10 emerging professions forrepparttar 150275 new century.

It doesn't surprise me. Inrepparttar 150276 age ofrepparttar 150277 Internet,repparttar 150278 old style of advertising copy -- saying something clever, and hoping people remember - just doesn't cut it anymore.

Besides, these days, with business-to-business advertising growing so fast,repparttar 150279 traditional advertising industry is feeling a lot of pressure for ads that really produce results. Why? Because, old-style advertising that entertains, but does not sell, is not cost-effective enough for many companies in today's hyper-competitive market.

Recently I heard from my former accountant. (A few years ago, he left accounting to start a new business.)

He asked me if I wouldn't mind sharing some ideas on how he could write killer copy for his own business.

I said sure. And now he's on his way to doingrepparttar 150280 same thing that I do, for himself.

Funny thing aboutrepparttar 150281 conversation we hadrepparttar 150282 other day. Unlikerepparttar 150283 conversation we had back in 1995, he didn't kid me about drinking scotch, or anything else. Maybe he finally realized that when it comes to increasing your income, killer copy is serious business.

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Long Copy vs. Short Copy… If You’re Still Debating This, You’re Missing The Point!

Written by Eric Graham

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Its much like comments I get from time to time about using audio as a sales tool on websites. Occasionally a client will tell me “we tested using audio and it didn’t work”. Well… Just testing audio vs. no audio, doesn’t mean your test result is valid. Perhaps your message was not effective, maybe they didn’t like your voice. You need to test multiple audio scripts and even multiple speakers, before you can draw a valid conclusion.

Inrepparttar endrepparttar 149177 length ofrepparttar 149178 copy is irrelevant,repparttar 149179 response rate is what matters.

From my own testing I have found, as long as you keep your reader interested, keep your copy active and ensure a good flow, longer copy usually out performs short.

To often, people who have heard that “long copy is better”, write long copy forrepparttar 149180 sake of long copy. The result is usually long-boring copy. Adding more words, just to have longer copy is missingrepparttar 149181 point… The copy still needs to be tight, clean and laser focused.

The good news is, if your prospect is truly qualified and in real need (or want) of your product or service, they will read everything you give them, as long as you keep it interesting.

My friend (and long copy sales letter king) Michel Fortin recently posted an excellent article to his Blog about how to keep long copy interesting. You can read it here:

Atrepparttar 149182 beginning I told you that there is a way to write your copy to persuade and keeprepparttar 149183 interest of both long copy AND short copy fans.

You can cater to both visitor types by using “Dual Readership Paths”. You do this by using your headlines and sub-headlines within your copy to tellrepparttar 149184 “scan and buy” visitors everything they need to know to make their buying decision. By creatively using your sub-headlines and bullet points you can persuade those who do not haverepparttar 149185 time to read your entire message, without sacrificing needed benefits and copy for those who won’t buy without a “full” explanation of your product or service.

The bottom line is this…

The LENGTH of your copy is not what is important, it isrepparttar 149186 EFFECTIVENESS and response rate that matters.

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