Killer Classifieds For Massive Traffic!

Written by Grady Smith

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So once you have them hooked with your headline, what are you going to tell them that makes them want to get more information?

You give them your product or services BIGGEST benefit, and tell them aboutrepparttar problem it will solve. For instance:

“ Stop Painful Athletes Foot With This GUARANTEED Cure”! Nothing KILLSrepparttar 101027 bacteria in athlete’s foot faster! No more painful itching with a single application or your money back: Details…

Some other tips for a killer classified…

1) Never try to sell your offer throughrepparttar 101028 classified itself. Just have them request your sales letter or visit your website.

2) Offer something for FREE to generate action. Your sales letter can really be “FREE Information”.

3) Give them your strongest benefit, and tell them which problem it solves.

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Five Ways To Start a Money-Making Ad

Written by Keller Flynn

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5. Start with "I tried it." Happy quotes from customers work far better than havingrepparttar ad copy sayrepparttar 101026 same thing. "I haven't been sick for years," "I work just 2 hours a week and still earn cash," "I cut expenses in half!"

Testimonials work. Get them from customers, friends, experts known inrepparttar 101027 industry, or celebrities. Many times you can offer a free product or service in exchange for a testimonial from an important person. Others actually appreciate it if YOU writerepparttar 101028 comment for them, then get their approval to use it.

Here are a few more tips to make writing an effective ad quick and easy: keep sentences short-- only two words? Fine! Also, start sentences with actions words: save, buy, learn, enjoy.

When you mention a feature of your project or service, link it withrepparttar 101029 benefit it will giverepparttar 101030 customer. People aren't necessarily impressed that your new potato chips have a nifty new ridge design. They DO care thatrepparttar 101031 ridge design provides added flavor and crispy crunch. The line should read: Nifty new ridge design adds delicious flavor and crispy crunch!

Give people several ways to buy or contact you. I like to include a web site address, email address, and phone number. If many of your customers order by mail, include your mailing address. Often you can limitrepparttar 101032 address to just your street location andrepparttar 101033 zip code.

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