Kids Activities – 10 Inspiring Ideas For A Rainy Day

Written by Lindsay Small

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5. Have a mammoth junk modelling session with friends:

Invite a few families around and ask them to bring their craft-cupboard junk with them – boxes, containers, and other bits and pieces. You provide glue, sticky-tape, scissors, and encouragement. You could make houses, or creatures, or boats, or modern art – or you could all combine together to make one giant model!

6. Make a card house:

If you don’t know any good card games or haven’t anyone to play with, try building a card house! Start by balancing two cards against each other so that they stand up in an inverted V-shape. Take it from there!

7. Make an indoor obstacle course:

Check with an adult that this is OK first! Use easily movable furniture (kitchen chairs, coffee tables) to mark out a course. Create a tunnel to crawl through with a blanket draped over low tables, or space cushions aroundrepparttar room to use as stepping-stones. You will have lots more ideas!

8. Practice balancing:

Balancing is fun! Try walkingrepparttar 151144 length ofrepparttar 151145 room with a book on your head. When you can do that, try balancing two or three – then add a cuddly toy torepparttar 151146 very top!

9. Create an indoor den:

A few blankets and tablecloths can createrepparttar 151147 most wonderful indoor den. Drape blankets between sofas and chairs, over stepladders and clothes-dryers, or tierepparttar 151148 ends to cupboard knobs and door handles. Oncerepparttar 151149 den is created find some special snacks, coloring pages and pencils, a CD player and music, a torch or two, and camp out for a while!

10. Play with string:

Older children can create some wonderful inventions with a ball of string and their imagination! A toilet roll and a sloping length of string make a great message chute or rocket. Get some action toys involved too: try making them a lift (elevator) out of a box or a basket and hoist them up! Adults should supervise constantly if there are younger kids around.

Lindsay Small is the author of “Boredom Busters for Kids” – an e-book with over 50 pages of fun activities for kids like those above. Find it at She also runs

The Avoid Debt Secret

Written by Roger Sorensen

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