Kid Party Food Ideas - Without the Stress!

Written by Mila Sidman

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4. Personalize - I’ve found that using table setting tags with individual names doesn’t work as kids will just rush to findrepparttar first seat available. Instead tie a plain balloon to each chair and using a black marker write each child’s name on a balloon in large letters. Make a game out of each child finding their seat.

5. Keep it interesting - Play a calm game atrepparttar 141546 table. For older kids have each one take turns in telling their favorite foods or a funny joke. Sing or play songs for younger kids.

So what do you serve?

Here are some top favorite kid party foods:

Fun mini sandwiches and wraps.

Cut up fruit and veggies with dip.

Breadsticks and chocolate sprinkle dip.

Pizza fingers, chicken finger, fish fingers… anything fingers!

Potato wedges or mini baked potatoes.

A selection of small savory crackers, dried fruit, and a few chocolate chips will make a fun trail mix.

Mini muffins.

Classic cheese and crackers with baby tomatoes inrepparttar 141547 center of plate .

Small meatballs (chicken, pork or beef all work well).

With a little imagination you can turn most foods in your kitchen cupboards into kid party food. Also, don’t go overboard inrepparttar 141548 amount of food you provide. Most kids are so excited byrepparttar 141549 actual party they will only lightly pick at their party food… no matter how yummy it is.

So take it easy, prepare lots of quick finger foods, present it nicely and most of all enjoyrepparttar 141550 day!

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Baby Shower Game "Distraction"

Written by Randy Wilson

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She might get a few ideas while enjoying a good laugh. Maybe whenrepparttar time comes for her to actually deal with similar distractions. She will think back torepparttar 141463 baby games for baby showers at her party and be able to smile.

Other great baby games with an educational twist - both forrepparttar 141464 mommy-to-be andrepparttar 141465 baby-to-be - include birthday card or videotape advice activities. Withrepparttar 141466 birthday cards, each guest gets an age.It’s a good idea to start with age 10 or so. The baby shower guests then write a special message torepparttar 141467 baby. They write this message on a card that will be opened oncerepparttar 141468 child reachesrepparttar 141469 age specified. Each baby shower guest should read her card aloud before sealingrepparttar 141470 envelope.

Videotape advice requires a camcorder or digital video camera. However, if those are not available, it can also be done with a tape recorder. But that isn’t quite as nice. The baby shower guests simply each give words of advice torepparttar 141471 new mom. The hostess can guiderepparttar 141472 baby shower guests as far as advice.

Possible ideas for your baby shower games are “When you’re feeling stressed, you should…..” or describing what to expect with different ages. Not only are these activities fun baby games for your baby shower guests, they will be cherished keepsakes for Mom to enjoy overrepparttar 141473 years.

Instead of just rehashingrepparttar 141474 same old baby games, try to bring in some creativity to provide more entertainment to your baby shower guests. And always think of why you’re all there – to celebraterepparttar 141475 birth of a child and help prepare a new mother.

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