Kid Birthday Party Game Ideas - 7 Proven Winners

Written by By Mike Dougherty "Grandpa Mike"

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Los A Socks

How many socks can you put on?

Get a whole bunch of socks. They don't even have to match. Placerepparttar same number of socks in two bags, or two baskets or two boxes. Line up your party guests in two teams. Start your party theme music and giverepparttar 147574 first players on each team just 30 second to put on as many socks as they can. When you stoprepparttar 147575 music, they must stop putting on socks. Then count each child's socks. The one withrepparttar 147576 most socks wins. Keep track of each teams sock count and whenrepparttar 147577 last two party guests have played,repparttar 147578 team that put onrepparttar 147579 most socks winsrepparttar 147580 prize. Have your party guests remove thier shoes before you play so they can put onrepparttar 147581 socks. This kid birthday game is always a favorite.

Silly Musical Hats And Wigs

Crazy hats and wigs make lots of fun!

Place a couple of chairs inrepparttar 147582 middle ofrepparttar 147583 room and put hats and wigs onrepparttar 147584 chair seats. Have allrepparttar 147585 kids form a circle aroundrepparttar 147586 chairs. Make sure you have one less hat or wig then children playingrepparttar 147587 game. Start your party theme music and haverepparttar 147588 children walk aroundrepparttar 147589 chairs. Then stoprepparttar 147590 music and haverepparttar 147591 children grab a hat or wig and put it on. The player without a hat or wig is out. Now take out a hat or wig and startrepparttar 147592 music again. Repeat this until there is only one player left... Always remember to have one less hat or wig than you have players. The last two players will be trying for only one hat or wig. A terrific game!

You can pick up some silly looking wigs and hats at a party supply store.

Funny Chin-To-Chin Pass

A birthday party classic that'll have um laughing.

No hands allowed... Line up your party guests in two teams and start your party theme music. The object is to have each team pass a balloon, a rubber ball or an apple or an orange from chin-to-chin downrepparttar 147593 line torepparttar 147594 last player. Ifrepparttar 147595 object being passed is dropped, that team has to start over atrepparttar 147596 begining ofrepparttar 147597 line. The first team to passrepparttar 147598 object allrepparttar 147599 way torepparttar 147600 end without dropping it wins! Remember, no hands allowed.

For more game ideas take a quick look at

These kid birthday party game ideas are all proven winners and your birthday child and all thier guests will have a wonderful time playing these classic games.

Mike Dougherty has years worth of experience putting together fun birthday parties for his children and now his grandchildren. Mike is webmaster for his web sites and a movie themed site

“Gimme” Proof Your Kids: How To Keep Your Child’s Materialism In Check

Written by Dr. Charles Sophy

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You can help keep your child’s materialism in check by following these simple steps:

1) Back to Basics: Try to bring your parenting back to a basic level. No need to respond torepparttar distractions that at times seem out of range on many levels and maybe out of your comfort zone.

2) Self-Awareness: Working along with your parenting partner, ensure agreed-upon family values, as well asrepparttar 147546 structures that support your beliefs.

3) Explore: Remember thatrepparttar 147547 need your child may have for all these newest gadgets possibly camouflages a deeper problem.

4) Communicate: Discuss with your childrepparttar 147548 concept of earning, as well as alternative to their request. A less costly option may meetrepparttar 147549 need.

5) Don't fulfill every request: Children who get everything they ask for don't learn to handle disappointment, and they don't learn to work forrepparttar 147550 things they desire, or delayrepparttar 147551 need for gratification.

6) Spend time rather than money on your kids: It's not easy in our hectic lives to give childrenrepparttar 147552 time and attention they crave, but that'srepparttar 147553 best way to ward offrepparttar 147554 "gimmes."

Remember: No matter what your child says, he/she wants — and needs — a secure sense of family more than a roomful of possessions. There may be times when it’s appropriate to fulfill a request and times when it’s best to say no. You know your child best: listen, learn, teach and communicate in a respectful manner and do your best to focus your children onrepparttar 147555 lessons of giving as well as receiving.

Dr. Charles Sophy, author of the “Keep ‘Em Off My Couch” blog, provides real simple answers for solving life’s biggest problems. He specializes in improving the mental health of children. To contact Dr. Sophy, visit his blog at

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