Khmer Rouge Prison 21 – The Chilling High School In Phnom Pehn, Cambodia

Written by Rick Chapo

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2. While being lashed or electrocuted, you must not cry at all.

3. Disobey any rule and you will get 5 lashes with an electric wire.

Much likerepparttar Nazi concentration camps,repparttar 141257 Khmer Rouge documented ever prisoner and atrocity. Upon arrival, each prisoner’s picture was taken and a detailed biography was documented. Prisoners were then confined to cells approximatelyrepparttar 141258 size of a closet by chaining them to iron posts. Daily torture was undertaken through beatings, electric shock and other atrocities. Atrepparttar 141259 end of their imprisonment, prisoners were marched about two miles torepparttar 141260 killing fields. To save bullets, they were beaten to death.

The atrocious numbers for Tuol Sleng:

From 10,500 to 14,500 adult prisoners.

Another 2,000 children prisoners.

7 survived. Yes, just 7.

Only 2 Khmer have ever been prosecuted forrepparttar 141261 atrocity.

Today, Tuol Sleng is a genocide museum. The walls are full of pictures ofrepparttar 141262 prisoners. Men and women. Boys and girls as young as 5-years old. There are still bloodstains onrepparttar 141263 floors ofrepparttar 141264 interrogation rooms.

Why visit or write an article about Tuol Sleng? Traveling is about discovery, even ifrepparttar 141265 subject is something horrible. Failing to recognizerepparttar 141266 dark side of humanity dooms us to repeat those failings. The Nazi concentration camps existed inrepparttar 141267 40s, Tuol Sleng inrepparttar 141268 70s, and today similar atrocities are occurring in North Vietnam and Darfur. Will we ever learn?

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Travel Shanghai China

Written by John Mckenna

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• The most famous shopping street and lighting effects in China, Nanging Rd, is just a short walk fromrepparttar Bund.

• The famous Xintain Di district: - this area isrepparttar 141137 social hub of Shanghai,repparttar 141138 very best in chic and style, expensive cars, fine wine,repparttar 141139 best restaurants, a very happening place.

• Atrepparttar 141140 southern end of another famous shopping street, Huai Hai Rd, is an area known asrepparttar 141141 “French Concession”, where peaceful tree-lined streets with wonderful colonial-style villas would make you think you were actually in Europe.

• A must thing to see and do, is to visitrepparttar 141142 viewing platform atrepparttar 141143 top ofrepparttar 141144 Jin Mao Tower,repparttar 141145 third highest building on earth,repparttar 141146 tallest with an hotel inside (the Hyatt). This stunning building is 89 stories high andrepparttar 141147 view ofrepparttar 141148 city fromrepparttar 141149 top is spectacular. A very special treat is to have a buffet dinner atrepparttar 141150 Hyatt onrepparttar 141151 53rd level, then go up torepparttar 141152 bar onrepparttar 141153 89th floor and enjoy a drink andrepparttar 141154 view, which at night will amaze you.

• Shop !!! There are Antique markets, Bird and Bug markets, Commodity markets, Clothes and Fabric markets, local markets and a very famous market where you can buy allrepparttar 141155 world’s best brand names, at amazingly low prices. Shanghai is a shopper’s heaven, come with a small suitcase and leave with a big one.

Secret Treasures

If you come to Travel Shanghai China and have time, just outsiderepparttar 141156 city, one or two hours on a bus are some real treats. Would you like to see tranquil lakes?... beautiful Chinese gardens?... ancient villages?

Here are a few places that are very close to Shanghai which can often be overlooked when one comes to Shanghai. These cities, towns and villages arerepparttar 141157 real deal and a must-see adventure.

Just an hour by local bus is Zhujiajiao, About two hours away by bus or train is Suzhou, as well as Hangzhou. As I grow this site, I will add places that are more interesting.

Enjoy Shanghai…I do!!

John Mckenna

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