Keywords and SEO. The facts.

Written by Joe Balestrino

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One huge mistake I see allrepparttar time is repeated keywords inrepparttar 144242 keyword tag. Here is an example: shoes, brown shoes, blue shoes, and red shoes. There are two things wrong here, Do you know what it is? First, of all,repparttar 144243 use ofrepparttar 144244 word “and” is not needed. This is called a stop word. Search engines ignore these type of words. Some common stop words are and, the, because, this, that and there. The second thing wrong withrepparttar 144245 keywords isrepparttar 144246 word “shoes”. It is repeated four times. You do not need to repeat shoes. The corrected keywords should read; shoes, brown, blue, red. The search engine will know you are offering shoes and will matchrepparttar 144247 color withrepparttar 144248 word shoe. Repeating “shoes” will just penalize your site.

One final tip on using keywords. Make sure you use your top keywords inrepparttar 144249 TITLE of your site as well as inrepparttar 144250 description tag. Do not loadrepparttar 144251 title with keywords. These arerepparttar 144252 first placesrepparttar 144253 engines will scan. Your description tag is usual what is displayed on search engines when relevant keywords are typed in. So, be sure they are there. Do not just type in key word phrases. No one will know what your site is about. What isrepparttar 144254 point of coming up in rank if no one understandrepparttar 144255 description.

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Why Is Directory Submission So Important?

Written by Wil Rushmer

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These arerepparttar two most important directories you could get your site listed in. A few others to consider are:

The list goes on and on, these are just a few I personally recommend, if you know of others worth mentioning please leave a comment here and let others know.

By putting as much as effort towards directory submissions as you do getting listed inrepparttar 144186 major search engines, you can secure some healthy qualified traffic that could end up benefiting you and your visitors just as much asrepparttar 144187 search engines.

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