"Keywords and Content - A Mature Site"

Written by Karl Augustine

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Once you are bringing in a consistent steady stream of targeted traffic in to your site from search engines, it is relatively easy to add links and new content that will bring new sales. It is sort of like having a big list. Don't get me wrong,repparttar traffic will help you build your list...what I am referring to is having a foundation to easily test and try new affiliate programs because you already have targeted traffic coming in...all you need to do at that point is to find relative products with solid affiliate programs.

It's so much fun when you understand this concept. For most newbies, they never get it till its too late.

One last item with regards to a mature site...make sure that you cross link properly and use ssi's (server side includes) if at all possible. The links on your pages that are present everywhere on your site will boostrepparttar 127854 pages this links point to.

DO all you can make your site mature as fast as possible. Your business will be better off.

Enjoyrepparttar 127855 search engine traffic!

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Nuthin' New Except Search Terms

Written by Stephan Miller

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Another type of terms arerepparttar shooting star types. A key phrase, a name, or a term that becomes a buzz very quickly. I created a site just to test how many hits I could get related torepparttar 127853 top 200 search terms from Wordtracker. I expanded these terms using Overture's keyword tool and then gathered related RSS feeds and place them on my site.

I then just sat back and watched mainly because I had no idea what would happen. What happened was I received no less than 2000 hits fromrepparttar 127854 search engines containingrepparttar 127855 term "Kari Ann Peniche" this moth. You know,repparttar 127856 pageant winner that lost her crown by appearing in Playboy. Now this is something that I didn't expect from a website that was just an experiment.

I couldn't have expected it. I just picked up news feeds that contained her name. She created a buzz. A buzz that my RSS feed based site caught a week before anyone else did. The site is now gone, because it put a strain ofrepparttar 127857 service I was using to find RSS feeds for me. But it showed me something. You can't optimize your site for everything underrepparttar 127858 sun. In fact, if all you are doing is looking at website stats, you are going to missrepparttar 127859 boat.

So what am I getting to? Hope, maybe. Hope that if you writerepparttar 127860 way you speak, if you fill your website withrepparttar 127861 type of content that you would like to find instead of useless, spammy, "optimized" text, you can findrepparttar 127862 visitors and hits you are looking for. Or rather, they will find you.

Or you can optimize your site for last month's keywords and compete with everyone and his brother for customers that are already angry at sites using black hat seo.

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